Hi, I am new to this group, But have been to a healthy eating course with the NHS twice, My doctor and nurse have told me I am a heart attack waiting to happen,

I am at the moment going through the change and having irregular bleeding, Some are my periods my doctor thinks I may have fibroids so waiting for an appointment for the hospital for a scan, But i have started to bleed again, But this time the colour is mucky brown colour, I am 50 and have been sterilised over 21 half years ago, Iv been put on the pill continuously


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3 Replies

  • Hello and welcome, BOB4. You'll find lots of encouragement and ideas here, and I assume you'll have learned a lot from your NHS courses.

    I hope you get your medical concerns addressed soon and can start making progress on your weight loss. Good luck :)

  • Hi BOB4 and welcome back to the Weight Loss Forum which you did join around 5 months ago.

    Things have changed a little since you were last here, and I would like to invite to join our Newbie Club which is a place where you can connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link

    You'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum in the header and a link to the 12 week plan, so please take the time to read it carefully.

    You may find there is another more relevant Forum on Health Unlocked who may be able to assist in supporting you with the problems you are having with your periods

    Wishing you all the best.

  • Hello and welcome to the weight loss forum BOB4 and good luck with your weight loss journey. Stick with us and you will soon see the pounds start to go 😊

    With regards to your health issues, perhaps this forum may be of help

    Or this website

    Best wishes


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