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Daily Diary Saturday 25th November 2017

Good evening lovely people and welcome to the daily diary any newbies. If you don't know what to do, just look at what others are doing, comment and join in! Tell us your plans for what you are going to eat on Saturday, how many calories if you're counting and what your total is for the day.

Add in any exercise and a helpful tip if you like and don't forget to chat amongst yourselves and comment on other people's entries. And most of all, don't forget to pick up hints and tips and food ideas!!

My poster today is something I think about a lot and try and think about when I'm busy, stressed or low and really want to eat the things which won't make me feel this way. Our food affects so much more than just our weight, getting this right can really impact your whole life, and other things in your life can really impact what you choose to eat.

Another pretty full on Saturday for me tomorrow, so planning nice easy things to keep me going.

B - porridge with peanut butter - 300 cals

L - ham salad - 300 cals

D - chicken curry, veg curry, rice, poppadom and an onion bhaji, bit of mango chutney - 700 cals

Total 1300. Exercise will be a brisk walk in the morning and dashing around trying to find parts of my house under the layers of mess.

Enjoy your Friday evening and Saturday all - it's the weekend - yippeee!

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Good evening Salcheq and thank you for hosting. I love the poster by the way :)

Well ........ having somewhat scuppered my evening meal as I have been invited for drinks at 1800 next door so have polished off a few crackers with phili my menu tomorrow will be:-

B - bacon and beans with two coffees

L - vegetable soup, tuna with green salad and yoghurt

S - the chicken I may not be having tonight after all, green vegetable and potato, rice pudding

Snacks - fruit

Water - amap

Exercise - walk into town bright and early to go to market to get my fresh veggies and fruit and perhaps some gardening if I still have the motivation :-

Enjoy your Saturday everyone and keep warm (in UK) :-


Great flexibility VDP - it is always nice to be invited out.

Looks like you have your day sorted.

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So far... Hehe

Yep! more flexibility could be called for!


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Yup :)

Have a great evening vdp, a spontaneous invite sounds like fun. Hope the market is good for your fruit and veg.

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Thank you to both your questions ;)

Brrrr, bit chilly for gardening!!

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Naaaaaah......lots of layers and it is wonderfully therapeutic


Fabulous poster Salcheq and it is so very true. Food has a lot to be responsible for.

Love your curry evening ( I am always envious of those).

I expect to had a day to myself tomorrow, if all works as it should. Husband out at a meeting so I will go for a run, going to try and run for a bit longer than I usually do, looking forward to the challenge.

My food plans

Brunch: 2 egg omelette with mushrooms, cheese and bacon and an avocado.

Dinner will be a portion of lamb tagine from the freezer with cauliflower rice.

Have a good day everyone.


Sounds like a nice peaceful day Ceals, I'm jealous!! This week and next I'm taking busy to a whole new level! That omelette sounds super, enjoy!

I am still finding my way round the new cooker - never a good thing just before Christmas but I am sure I will cope.

You do sound like a busy bee.

Good luck with the running. We have a bit more spare time at the weekend so probably a good time to try and go a bit further.

Mmmm lamb tagine and I still haven't tried cauliflower rice.

I have converted my husband to cauliflower rice which I am well impressed about.

Thank you Salcheq ... (didn't mean to just post that). My typing is going as pear shaped as my will power over the last 20 minutes. Moment of madness over and hopefully I've stepped back into your circle.

Loving your menu, especially the curry.

B: 40g porridge, milk, fresh fruit, cinnamon and organic honey (I guess they put ankle trackers on the bees to make sure they don't go into the wrong fields :) ) Tom juice & worc sauce and coffees

L: Left over HM lasagne.

D: Pork & honey sausages in brioche buns & caramelised onions

Other drinks: Water

Ex: Dog walking but a day off from anything structured


I love worcester sauce, it's the only thing I've kept in my quest to go sugar-free. I used to enjoy it with tomato juice too.

Is there a lot of sugar in Worcester sauce - must go and look at the label.

I like a good amount so probably about 2g in my servings.

Oh that dinner sounds wonderful Tiggerr. Got to love those onions. Well done for restricting the madness for 20 minutes!


I had today nailed, and it would have gone to plan with a low calorie total if I hadn’t been offered an M&S Dutch apple tart, bought specially for me by a friend who popped in with two of them! Well it would have been so rude not to......! (It was delish! as was the Hairy Dieters pork schnitzel, can recommend)

So tomorrow is another day.

Breakfast will be skyr with chia, hazlenuts and grapes.

Lunch will be avocado salad and bacon (again, as the avocado and leaves need eating up!) then a yogurt.

Dinner is a steak with salad and homemade coleslaw, and a small fruit salad. Need to tot that up now, hope it leaves me enough for my little glass of Sauvignon.

Hav a great weekend everyone.


What is skyr please? It sounds interesting.

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High protein low fat kind of yogurt, more like quark, if you have ever had that. I’d never heard of it before I read about it on here. 😊

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Yes I used to go to Slimming World.

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Clearly enjoyed your apple tart treat, how lovely.

Super planning for tomorrow


I can never refuse a treat bought specially for me by a friend, seems like turning down a token of friendship! This is where we need our flexibility!!

I've been inspired by your homemade coleslaw this week - so much better than shop bought, although I love all coleslaw.

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I love your curry meal dinner Salcheq.

Superfoods green juice - 35

Brekkie - pumpkin pie porridge with double cream - 365

Lunch - rustic bean & GF pasta soup - 165

Dinner - pea & cauliflower pilau with mixed beans & seeds - 535

Afters/Supper - carrot & cucumber sticks - 40

Drinks - Herb teas and water

Calories - 1140

Veg serves - 7

Moderate walking us going well so will try and do another 15 mins tomorrow. Walking around Winchester Christmas Market may burn a bit as well.

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You've reminded me that I've got pumpkin puree in the freezer. I need to get it out and start using it in porridge like you do.

Congrats on the walking, sounds like you're making good progress.

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Good glad I helped.

Breakfast sounds lovely, as indeed does lunch and dinner.

That is a lot of lovely food for so few calories.

Ooh, what a good idea to use pumpkin puree in porridge, like Tiggerr, I also have some in the freezer. Didn't even occur to me, even though I'm regularly making plum puree at the moment. Thank you Fab_Jem, and great going with the walking and enjoy the market, I bet it is lovely in Winchester.

I put different spices in it and use soya or coconut milk. Yes the Christmas market there is excellent.

Hi salcheq! Must agree with the cycle in your pic, and I'll think of it next time I want quick convenience foods that aren't the best for me.

My Friday has been a lean quasi-fast day of 750 cals and it's been really really hard. I've been very hungry and cranky. But I can push through this. And my dinner was really really nice so that has helped.(big pile of courgetti with salmon flakes, broccoli, light cream cheese and lemon sauce.)

I'm going to try to keep my Saturday quite light too.

BRUNCH - 2 poached eggs, spinach, 1 lightly buttered wholemeal pitta toasted (400)

DINNER - Thai carrot soup. Pan fried ha gow shrimp dumplings (500) If this Is nice I'll share the recipe as it will be super healthy and easy.

SNACK - Sliced apple with cashew butter. 2 squares dark chocolate. (200)

TOTAL 1070

Exercise- cleaning house top to bottom, including dusting and disinfecting, scrubbing out the bathroom, washing the windows, hoovering, mopping, clearing out my wardrobe, changing the beds, doing a wash, cleaning the oven and running out to the shops. If i have any energy after that (unlikely) I'll go for a run.

Tip - keep going when you hit a bump in the road, I'm in a tough patch at the mo but im comforted by the idea that I'm being proactive

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Fascinating sounding dinner HappyBeee

Super brunch, poached eggs are so delicious.


Well done for today HappyBeee, putting yourself right back into that virtuous circle, even if it is tough to start with. Lovely meals for tomorrow. And if you've got any energy left could you please come to my house to do my oven!!!


All that cleaning HappyBeee is amazing! I thought I would pay someone to clean my oven this week as a one off & a special treat to myself. He didn’t turn up so I’m going to tackle it this Sunday but, very cross!

I like the sound of your soup and your dumplings so please do post recipe & photo if you are happy with them?

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Ah the oven is a task too far.. one day...

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Thank you for hosting Salcheq

I’ve been absent from here for almost two weeks for far too many reasons. Very stressful time at work being the underlying factor for not sticking to plan!

I really like your poster & will use this to try & put right everything that has gone wrong!

Anyway that’s all history!

I’m still following the Blood Sugar Diet & it was going really well until I stopped planning.

Enough of that I’m back & here is my menu for tomorrow:

Breakfast - Full fat Greek yogurt, mixed seeds, blueberries & raspberries

Lunch - humous, baby gem lettuce & pine nuts

Dinner - Thai red curry with a mixed salad

Total 790 cals

Have been drinking only a tiny amount of water so my aim now is to increase that to at least 2 litres a day.

No exercise planned as I am working an 11 hour day.

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Lovely to have you back dazzle. Cracking menu for such low calories, good luck with the water, keep that poster in mind tomorrow to remind you to drink lots.

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Welcome back dazzle I have been missing to and really missed the camaraderie.

That doesn't seem like much food for an 11 hour day, it all sounds lovely though.

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Bottle filled & in fridge ready!!

Yey the weekend! Thanks for hosting Salcheq

This picture is great and so so true.

I have a question. Why is your house hiding ?

Saturday's plan for me:

B. Bacon sandwich and a chilly 5km run

L. Kale and halloumi salad with sweet potato

D. Thai chicken soup with naan

I think my daughter is making brownies so I think there's room for these. We had to chuck last night's batch after I bought the wrong chocolate. How is it possible for brownies to taste bad??? My husband tried to convince me that they were fine but they weren't. We are not dustbins they're in the bin!

Happy Saturday x

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Good morning Active_43, enjoy your bacon sandwich and run this morning, I've just stepped outside and it is a beautiful crisp clear morning here.

Hope the brownies go well this morning!

In answer to your question, I don't think my house is deliberately hiding, it is just that all I can see everywhere I look is piles and piles of clutter. What I really need is a skip and a week off by myself in the house!

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That sounds like my kind of weekend!!

Wow - a busy day Salcheq! Thanks for hosting on top of that. I haven’t got round to thinking about food yet but we are going out for ‘an all day breakfast’ lunch with our neighbours as thanks for cat sitting and garden watering! Am hoping to be restrained with my choice of food but may be tempted to go off piste! If I manage to get out of bed - it’s really cold here with a heavy frost- I also plan to do my litter picking task this morning. Our village christmas lights went on last night so need to keep things tidy! So, some exercise to balance the food!!


That sounds like a lovely day Russet i prefer a brunch when it works that way, I find it keeps me full all day 😊

Enjoy that lunch, I bet it will keep you full for ages.

Am now pinned to the sofa but restrained myself to one fried egg, 2 rashers of bacon and some baked beans plus one slice of bread. Will work out the approx calories once I recover! OH had full English plus toast, which made my choice look positively abstemious!!

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Good morning Salcheq and I love your image 😊 very true

Today has been a slow start, no cardio for me as my back is aching . . . But I will have a dog walk soon (with a visiting dog as well as my own which is interesting!!)

Brunch of eggs, bacon, mushrooms tomatoes and granary bread later.

Tonight’s dinner is left over veggie chilli served with yogurt, fresh spinach, chapati and Indian salads, (chopped onion with a little Ketchup and chilli; cucumber and mint in yogurt; onion tomatoe and cucoember salads; maybe a little sweet onion chutney). Yum yum these are my favourites for a Saturday evening feast 😊

Have a good day everybody


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Ooh, Saturday evening feast at your house too Anna61, yum! I'm looking forward to my curry feast tonight, going to make a big batch of chicken curry for the freezer at the same time.

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Ohh your brunch sounds like mine! Just back from litter picking- what do people think happens to the drinks cans etc etc they throw out of their cars! Anyway, done my bit, waiting for oh to get out of the shower so that I can get in. Lovely bright cold morning though so good to get out - and done half of my steps too! Yay!

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Thanks Salcheq for being a great host as always and supporting everyone with their menu's for the day. :)

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