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Day 19

It's just coming up to 1600 here and my wife and I have been planning our food for Xmas for the first time ever! Denise is such a support. She has helped me with stopping drinking and smoking pot of which I did a lot. Not done either for 19 months. Stopping booze and smoking was easy compared to food. I kind of think food as an addiction may harm more on our planet than drink and drugs put together.

Well we have planed the following. We are simply not going to over supply with food as we tend to do.

Any gifts of food which we get a lot of, we are going to take to the homeless center.

It's a simple plan but simple sometimes is best.

I have just seen a wonderful film called The Florida Project. It's a beautiful film about poverty but seen through the eyes of a six year old child. I had what I'll refer to as food outside of my normal diet but it wasn't the normal overeating session and I saw the film at lunch time so I'm going to call that my lunch.

Have a lovely day everyone.

Keep up the good work of taking extra special care of yourselves and thank you so much for helping me do the same.

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Very sensible plans MrJoshua 😊. Very well done on stopping smoking and drinking, that must have taken real strength and perseverance 😊

I’ve not see the film you mention but I will look out for it, we always like a film recommendation 😊

Have a lovely evening


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Stupendous on stopping the smoking and drinking plus I'd agree, that to many people, eating is an addiction.

Very sensible to plan for xmas and what a great idea about the gifts to the homeless, very thoughtful.

Be proud of yourself.

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Well done MrJoshua giving up both drinking and smoking shows determination and such strength. I think your food ideas are great and generous too. Wishing you and Denise a wonderful weekend:)

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Great post, MrJoshua !

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Great post , inspirational.

Take care .


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