Giving up

I can feel myself giving up. I know I've done well to lose 34lbs, but i feel as though my body is losing the energy it will need to lose another 20.

Whilst I know logically that I'm still not happy with my reflection and my health would benefit massively from losing a bit more, and so should keep going, I feel like I just can't be bothered to keep exercising when I can and eating healthily.

I just can't be assed anymore.


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10 Replies

  • Could you be feeling dehydrated? .and have you got enough vitamins inside. Before you give up increase your wafter and fru it and veg for 7 days .you may just need a healthy sugar fix...fruit smoothy for breakfast I know some say it isn't recommended but if you need a boost...let it be a healthy one. I look at my journey as a lifestyle choice...maybe if you revisited the reason why you started this journey and write it down and read it next week then see how you feel. ..what is 7 more days..I think you just having one of those days which is normal so I would get whatever it is out of your system..make no apologies and then put it behind you and start again. You done so well it would be great to keep the success you achieved so far so you won't have as far to go when you change your mind.

  • Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring eating, FGS0131 , and exercise is not actually necessary for weight loss, although it might help to tone up a bit.

    I suggest you skip the exercise, if it feels like too much of an effort, but treat yourself to the Hairy Dieters recipe books, and make yourself and anyone else you cook for some really delicious, easy meals, with calories all counted for you and easily available ingredients, ordinary everyday food as well as “fake always” as they call them.

    Don’t give up when you have come so far. Get inspired by reading through all the posts on here, and see how far others have come. You can do it too! 😊

  • I can only agree with our two wise friends above, try a week of planned and enjoyable eating to lose weight and then reassess...

    Cheering you on to reach your goals 🎉🎉🎉

  • I really appreciate those suggestions - but I do enjoy what I’m eating, I don’t feel deprived and it’s not so much being hungry as my mind wanders on to foods I really shouldn’t eat.

    And I’ve managed to get into the habit of drinking 3-4litres of water a day, and I take multivitamins Just in case my fruit and veg intake doesn’t meet my vitamin needs.

    I may write down why I started it, and as always I appreciate the support of everyone on this forum immeasurably.

  • Maybe you just need a mini break, and have a spell of planned maintaining?

    The flexibility of few extra calories would allow for a few of the extras you’ve been denying yourself. 😊

  • The difficulty is... that slowly you'll return to "old ways" (done that, been there, got the t-shirt...)

    I'm happy where I am now, but ideally in another 14lbs I'll have a bit more leeway to work with.

    I never want to go back to weighing 14 stone.....

  • Don’t give up . You can do it and the prize of being at your right weight is worth persevering for you will fabulous when you get there and as you carry on towards your goal you will also feel better .

    Just build on all that hard work you have done to lose such a fab amount of weight. Don’t you feel good ?

    Bet you’re looking good too!

  • I would go for a period of maintenance and then re-boot...

    Really well done on your journey so far. I am very admiring of your two stone badge:-)

  • I agree with suzybenj and Anna61 that a maintenance break would be a good idea. That should allow your body to reset. Just be careful that a maintenance break does not turn into a food fest! Also make sure you are doing enough strength exercise as we all need to keep our muscle mass. Most of all don't give up. Good luck. James

  • FGS0131, I agree with maintenance for a while. I got down to where I only needed to lose another 7 or 8 lbs but kept toying with the idea of maintenance because I too got really fed up with it all. It's not your body that's too tired to carry on, it's your mind. I know, been there. It's horrible. So what I did was thought, Sod it!! Maintenance it is then. I did put on a few pounds but that's to be expected. But guess what! It worked! I started to work out at home doing some favourite Zumba routines that I found on youtube because my body and mind wanted to keep fit, YUP!! Actually wanted it! Craved it almost so I just went with it, then after a month or so of doing that, I've finally got round to thinking that now's the time to lose those last few pounds and now I'm back on track and feeling very positive about my goals again. I truly do think giving your mind and body a break does the world of good but only if you're in the mindset to stick to maintenance and not go overboard and pile it all back on. Just think of that night out over Christmas/New year and you want to make sure you fit into that new outfit and look dazzling!! That's what I'm doing! Then I will want to look fab in my new outfit for my Birthday in March, Then I'll want to look Fantastic for my holidays in summer, Well, you see where I'm going with this. I'm determined not to become another statistic and pile it all back on again! Sorry to ramble and I hope this helps. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! :D

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