Hi all

I joined this forum 4 months ago but fell away from it very quickly. I've tried eating healthier/exercising more but this usually only lasts about a week at a time. My weight has actually gone up since I joined this- I am now 5' 4" and weigh 14 stone.

Finding it really hard to stick to healthy choices and feel motivated. Feeling pretty down in general and mostly it all comes down to how unhappy I am with my weight. You'd think this would motivate me to change it but somehow it doesn't always. I have a desk job 9-5 Monday- Friday so I barely move all day and feel drained by the time I am heading home. I also have a 40 min commute in the car to and from work which I find very tiring too. I seem to find myself in a permanent state of tiredness but then struggle to get to sleep at night because my head is full of worries. I actually sat in my car in my work's car park this morning after I'd turned the engine off just staring at the steering wheel for a full 5 minutes, thinking about facing another day of just more of the same.

I'd like to try and involve myself in this group as it seems like you are all very full of support for each other so I'm going to make a bit more effort here.

I'm not completely sure why I'm posting this, I suppose I'm looking to see if anyone has felt the same way and if any of you have any advice on how to get over this feeling?


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26 Replies

  • Perhaps to start you need to stick with a certain amount of calories or diet plan?

    Don't think why but just do it as a routine. Tired and all.

    I've never been able to exercise much due to my MS but grumpily cutting calories did work.

    Make it a routine first, the motivation and positiveness will follow.

    Stay strong,

  • Hi Anna thanks for your reply, I will defo try and take your advice and get into a proper routine. 'Grumpily cutting calories' made me laugh- I can't imagine anyone cuts calories happily!

  • I think you're right sam2519, but it is much less of a chore if you enjoy what you eat and it's satisfying. Keeping to less than 130g of carbohydrate per day and getting them from quality, low Gi sources will help.

    Get most calories from natural fat with only small amounts of protein. This will stop you being hungry most of the time too.

    Sleep will impact on the rest of your life, and getting control of your hormones from eating this way will help reduce tiredness in the day, helping you sleep better at night.

  • Hi Sam

    It is so hard, trying to break unwanted habits is very difficult, the important thing is that you are aware what is happening and you are posting on here asking for help. There will be loads of people wishing you do well.

    What I'm doing at the moment is setting up the tinest of goals, things like beating a craving for as long as possible, or one less item on my plate, going to a shop and buying healthy, these tiny steps will turn in to bigger steps, then before you know it it becomes part of your routine, I struggle loads, but by reading other people journey it encourages me to carry on.

    Wishing you all the best, keep posting and keep positive.

  • Hi wayner12 thanks for your reply, I think your suggestion of smalls goals will help me as I know I find myself getting too bogged down with big (impossible seeming) goals.

  • Really glad to help, if you want me to help then keep posting, my goal today is to walk up to the high street and back to work, going to see how I do... Lol...

  • Lol my goal today is similar- walking across to the shop on my lunch break (soon!) to buy a notepad to start recording my food etc in the hope that writing it down will help motivate myself. Its currently not raining which is a plus! (I'm in Scotland so no rain is a win)

  • Hello and welcome to the Weight Loss Forum sam2519

    You are certainly not alone, many of us have been where you are 😕 I hope you feel better for getting things off your chest, and making the first step towards a healthier fitter you.

    I'd like to invite you to join our Newbie Club, which we hope will be a good place for you to connect with members, who are also just starting out. If you just post a few words to introduce yourself and respond to others there, you'll soon break the ice. Here's the link

    You'll find all the information you need to navigate the forum in the header and a link to the 12 week plan, so please take the time to read it carefully.

    Wishing you all the best


  • Hi Anna thanks for your reply, I do actually feel a bit better for getting things off my chest. I've just had a chance to check back on this and its amazing that so many of you have taken the time to reply to support a complete stranger.

  • That’s the beauty of this forum 😊. Most of us have been where you are

    Take care


  • Dear Sam sorry you are struggling. There are a few small things you can do that may help. First of all make sure that you stand every 30 minutes and if possible take a little walk around. Whenever you see stairs take them rather than the lift During your lunch hour go for a brisk walk. All the small periods of activity will raise your heart rate and increase your weight loss.

    I am agree with others First step to losing weight is to count calories and to be honest with everything that you eat by noting it. You will find that you are consuming far more calories than you need for the level of your activity and it is a simple equation too many calories in compared to the calories out will create fat.

    Just try sticking to the diet one week at a time And when you have success that will spur you on to the next week and the next week and the next week. You will find as you lose weight you will have more energy and sleep better

    I hope this encourages you

    All good wishs

  • Hi pcrw thanks for your reply, all really helpful advice especially the first bit about being active at work- I know I am definitely guilty of not doing this some days

  • Hi Sam,

    I am now retired but remember how working in an office and commuting in a car does not help in keeping weight controlled.

    In the office at lunch times a group of us played badminton and I sometimes went swimming.

    At present to help with keeping a bit fit I go to a gym which for a monthly outlay of about £24 allows me off peak access to gym and the swimming pool as an oap.

    I know diets can be a bit off putting and I am having to go back to this discipline but will try to make that effort.

    I do hope you are able to try more enjoyable exercise and diet control and perhaps do this with a friend.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi mike thanks for your reply, I think I will maybe venture out a bit and see what is in my area around my work- a lunchtime swim sounds like a good idea :)

  • Sorry you're struggling and I hope you can identify little changes which will help. Above all stay in touch with the forum. No one judges you no matter how often you fail, and we all do at times. Instead you will always find a listening ear and Advice which can often do the trick. I look forward to seeing you around the forum.🤗

  • Hi wa2un7 thanks for your reply, its made me feel so much better today coming on here and reading everyone's advice and support

  • Hi sam2519 welcome back to this wonderful forum 🤗 I think something that might really help you is finding focus, it sounds as though a new challenge might be just what you need to cut through the monotony of your daily routine and honestly what could be a better one than doing something for yourself?

    Calorie counting is a great starting point as you can spend time planning your meals, recording what your having and keeping tabs on how well you are doing and how disciplined you are being! Honestly it needs dedication but in a good way, when your bored or feeling down you can come onto this forum and post, comment or just read and focus on your achievements for that week or day.

    Just think about how fast those 4 months have gone that you’ve been away and how much you could achieve over the next. If there are on average 13 weeks over the course of a 4 month period if you lost on average 1lb a week that could be close to a stone lost in that short space of time alone 😲😃

    You can do this! 👍🙌💪

  • Hi vanillasky thanks for your reply, you're so right about the 4 months! I will definitely try and look at it like that

  • I feel the same way, so tired with my long commute and repetitive days. Being active will actually give you more energy and help with depression. Good luck.

  • Hi melhall thanks for your reply, its reassuring to know there are other people in the same boat. Good luck to you too

  • Thank you

  • Hi Sam2519

    Nice to meet you.

    I have such empathy for what you've written ... facing yet another day of 'more of the same'.

    I have decided that things have to change, so with this in mind, I have joined a new social group. Getting out into a different environment, meeting new people, was just the wake up call I needed. Had a great night out on Saturday, and looking forward to the next one on Sunday ... with more to come. 😊

    This also has the added bonus of keeping me on track with my healthy eating, as I want to look as nice as everyone else does at these events!

    You sound a bit jaded with the relentless work, then home, cycle ... maybe a change of scene and a good night out to look forward to on a regular basis might just make all the difference to you!

    Good luck!

  • Hi needtodosomething nice to meet you too, thanks for your reply. That sounds like really good advice, I think I would like to mix it up a bit. Funny how it can take other people to point things out that now seem kind of obvious!

  • Hey Sam... don't be so hard on yourself 🙂 Your trying and that's a start. It's not easy and you are not alone 😉 I'm always here if you need support. X

  • Hi chunkycharlie thanks for your reply, really appreciate the support

  • Any time. The people on here are fab!!!

    I've only been on a few days and it's motivated me so much already. I hope you get the same support. 🙂

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