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1876 kcal today, that's bad, time for some serious changes

And I didn't calculate my calories yesterday, simply too late, had to go to bed to get decent sleep (to me, sleep comes first, then diet and exercise).

I don't want to do the self pity thing, or feel bad about it, like I used to do. From Sunday I will have soup replace one meal every day, see if it works.

Have a good weekend, my weight loss friends!

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WOW Jane that is a load of calories for you isn't it

I make a big pot of vegetable soup at the weekend and a good mug full works out to @ 177 cals and it's very filling too :)

Hope that helps :)


Thanks! I'm going to make a big pot of soup this week:0)


It doesn't sound like a lot to me happyhealthyjane, provided it was unprocessed, low-insulin stimulating food. When did you last have a maintenance break?

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I'm not too bad when it comes to sweet stuff, don't eat much cake, ice cream, cookies, or chocolate, but I'm bad for eating sausages and other processed meat (salami, chorizo etc., which is not the healthiest). I had a maintenance week a while ago, didn't do that while during summer holiday due to stress and lack of time to prepare for meals. I'm quite a petite person, my calculation based on weight and height means I can only take about 1350 kcal daily to lose weight.


Hi Jane, great that you are not beating yourself up over a day that didn't go as you'd planned, calorie-wise. One good thing about this colder weather is that my thermos has come out from the back of the cupboard and I'm taking it to work most days, filled with veg-based soup, for my lunch. It really fills me up and, depending on what variety I choose, counts as 2 of my 5 a day. Win win! Have a lovely weekend!


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