Through my life my family have been at war, my mother divorced my father, i don't speak to my brother or sister now, they never treated me with respect, i was always the black sheep of the family. Also i was a nervous wreck most of my life, until i met my wife Margaret, it is not plain sailing with her, but she is my lifeline, i'm going to try my hardest to get my weight to were it should be.


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  • Sorry it's been rough. Good luck to you.

  • Thank you for that.

  • Sorry to hear that.... but you can do it!

  • I am glad you have decided to bite the bullet- do you know how much you need to loose? If you are not sure-work out your weight to have a BMI of 25 then when you reach that weight you can decide if you are happy with that or want to loose a bit more. Its also a good idea to check the NHS BMI checker and it works out a lower & upper daily calorie range for weight loss its based on your gender, age, current weight & height & amount of exercise you do. There is no right or wrong method to loosing weight- I am on the NHS 12 weight loss plan like a lot of others but some are with slimming world or weight watchers, on diets specific to their health problem (diabetic and heart) and some are on 5:2 or variations and paelos (I may have spelt this wrong) its what ever works for you and what you can stick with. Its mainly about eating healthy and building up your exercise as you can tolerate. Good luck on what ever method you use- though members aren't specialists we all have lived experiences of loosing weight and experiences of falling off the wagon so can give tips and suggestions on what worked for them- may not work for you but it may and a lot of it is trial and error

  • I'm sorry to hear that life hasn't been kind to you. I like you are the black sheep. Make sure you are losing weight for the right Good luck on your weight loss journey, you can do it.

  • Thank you for the kind words of support.

  • Welcome to the forum, you'll find we're one big happy family here, and this is the key to the success of this amazing place.

    Join in and enjoy the support, it has changed many lives. Good luck xx

  • Thank you very much.

  • Hello Smartiepant; well done for taking control of your weight issue x remember if you can't say "no" say "later"!! All the best 😎

  • Good luck ,your not alone .


  • As others have said, smartiepant, you are definitely not alone. Be proud of yourself :)

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