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Are you a lunchtime grabber???

Are you a lunchtime grabber???

By that I mean, do you grab a pre-packed sandwich for lunch? Perhaps take advantage of one of those Meal Deals and add a bag of crisps and a choccie bar?

I can honestly say I'd much rather have my regular "salad" lunch! It takes me much longer to eat, I really do enjoy the flavours.....

This was just 423 calories in total:

100g piripiri chicken (130 cals)

Salad (33 cals)

Beetroot 45g (9 cals)

Olives x 6 (68 cals)

Coleslaw 1 tbsp (92 cals)

French dressing 11ml (10 cals)

Couscous, sun dried tomato and garlic, 50g (81 cals)

Compared to what I might have gone for once upon a time - cheese and onion on brown bread (ready made sandwich) 505 calories!, or a southern fried chicken wrap 415 calories

Take a look at your regular lunchtime "grab" and take a look at those labels!

You may say you can't transport a salad easily to work.... or that you haven't got the time to make a salad. I always make mine the night before......

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With you all the way, Pineapple, there's just no comparison! :)

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Mmm, yup that does look tasty! I think I probably grab a prepacked sandwich once every two weeks or so, so not too bad, but I want to start getting more organised and planning my day's food a bit better. I bought a pack of brown pita that I'm planning to stuff with veggies and a bit of piripiri chicken for next weeks lunches.


Mmmm, that sounds lovely! Oven roasted veg?


Raw probably. Green peppers, onions, baby corn... something with a bit of crunch. Mmm.


Definitely make my lunch myself as the shop ones are always so high in calories. I can have a nice homemade salad with an apple and orange for just under 400 calories and I'm full until tea time. Plus I like knowing exactly what is in my lunch and not worrying about those hidden extras.

I make mine on the day or the day before if I'm not too tired.

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Premade sandwiches are also really awful (in my opinion) for what you pay. If I'm going to spend that much on a sandwich it had better be all singing and dancing! :P

I also find when we take outings with my stepdaughter in tow it's just easier to pack a lunch. For one thing it's healthier, but the main thing is that we don't have to worry about there being something available that she can eat (she's a coeliac, so no gluten). Makes life easier, cheaper, and healthier for everybody. :D


I have my main meal at lunchtime at work and so prepare the meals in advance and freeze the portions then add rice, pasta or couscous to boost up the meal. This is because I don't finish work until 7:30pm and get home at 8pm so need to have a light meal in the evening. If I am on an office day so finish at 3pm then I tend to take in a sandwich in to work. I find bought sandwiches a bit bland


Congratulations pineapple


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