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2nd week recap

So 2nd week complete.

Surprise trip to Cyprus - boss asked Tuesday if I could go, Wed morning I was on plane.

Thankfully the hotel I had there had a nice gym, so I didn't get distracted from my C25K. They had two pools as well, but they were to busy for me to feel comfortable.

The hospital I worked for there was still a massive building site and kinda out of town, so I went without food unil 8pm on Thursday. Wasn't a wise choice to not take breakfast. I felt OK, but I must really watch it to not under eat. My average kcal last week were 1.100kcal. I felt fine, but really have to try hit the kcal target.

Best day - Thursday although I under-ate I walked 12k steps and work was fun.

Worst day - Sunday didn't move much yesterday. I knew I was 60 Min out of my Cardio target, the rest was just made up by the three runs, really. So I wanted to go for a hike after coding all day at the office, but as I was about to leave my boss dropped in and we ended up planning a trip for me [I'm on leave this week as I have to finish my final project for Uni, so really wanted to know where I'll go when I return]. Then it started raining heavily and my partner was waiting at home.

Can't wait for Uni to be finished, so I can just play all weekend and go on hikes!

Now off to week 3 - this is going to be the hardest week ever. Final Project due next Monday, no will to do it and sooooo much still to do.....


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Wow, you sound so busy! Best of luck with the project.

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You're doing brilliantly so far, secular, so good luck with week 3 and your final project :)

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Hey Sec, I know the struggle of balancing Uni and weightloss quite well, just handed it in my dissertation on day 52 of my weightloss journey and some days were just hell. But nothing feels better than knowing that no matter how hard it was you still succeeded so hang on ! Plus starting life after Uni is a massive change and knowing you're doing it while being a better version of yourself is great so it's worth the hardships!

Good luck !

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Thank you and I don't think my life will change too drastically apart from actually having a lil spare time on weekends. I only studied part-time next to my full/tripple-time job. But that's why it's taken forever ... countdown 1 week [and 25 min] til freedom !


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