Exercise routine sorted :-)

Exercise routine sorted :-)

Morning all,

as some of you are aware I have been sorting out my exercise space, having established a home made step, and sorting out home made weights out of 'lump hammers' mood lighting etc etc, last night I decided to fit a bar (not an alcoholic bar!!!) to my work bench that protrudes about 4 inches from the bench and around 5 inches off the floor. The purpose of this is that I tried to do sit ups and found that I was like a floundering whale and could not establish a decent 'sit up' due to the fact that when I tried to raise my upper body my legs came off the ground at the same time which I should imagine would not have been a pretty sight if there was anyone watching and could have scarred them for life, luckily I was on my own. A this exercise was let's say challenging to say the least, I thought there has to be an alternative. I found two 90 degree angle brackets and an old wooden curtain pole, I cut the pole to length and then fixed it to my bench as mentioned previously so now when I want to do 'sit ups' I can hook my feet under the pole to assist me in raising my body off the ground, and a trail run confirmed that it works a treat.

So here's what I've established as my daily training routine.

1) 5 minutes of stretching

2) 20 press ups, now to ease myself into this I put my hands against the wall and step away until I'm at and angle of around 45 degrees, (I don't want to kill myself at this stage)

3) 10 sit ups using the bar I fitted last night to the bench.

Drink week apple and black current squash, and couple of minutes rest, gently moving around my space

4) 30 minutes of step exercise to music ("Car Mix 2017" off youtube) also using the 2lb 9oz home made dumbbells at the same time

Drink week apple and black current squash, and couple of minutes rest, gently moving around my space

5) 10 sit ups

6) 20 press ups ( same as No 2 above)

7) 20 bar lifts, this is the steel bar I have that weighs in at 24 lbs, I place it on the ground, with bent knees I lift it to my waist standing straight simultaneously, then bend my arms to raise the bar to my chin, then lower it to my waist, and then back to the floor, I repeat this 20 times.

I then have a drink.

Finally I then do the stretching exercise followed by me collapsing in a heap on the floor with a cigarette on the go and a tin of Lager, :-) only joking.

Last night this took, just under an hour to complete (that's including the rest and drink breaks). Some might say that's a bit too much, however I enjoyed it and although I made a few mistakes in getting to this routine, by using to heavier weight and paying the price the next day, Today I feel great :-)

Have a good day everyone.




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9 Replies

  • Morning Mick,

    Your garage is turning into a brilliant gym. You made me laugh with your floundering whale! lol :D Great idea with the bar and just think of all the calories your burning off just making that bar and step for your gym.

    Sounds like you have a great exercise plan there now. :)

    You will end up on the naughty step if you have that beer and cigarette. :D

    Have a good day. :)

  • Learn how to do a crunch and don't bother with the sit ups. Sit ups are not good for the lower back. Crunches and leg raises will be a better safer option.

  • Thanks for that I'll look into it, the only reason I used it was that when I used to play Sunday league football, we used to do the sit ups however it was a combination of sit up with hands clasped together behind our heads, so when we raised our bodies we would also raise a leg, so for instance if we raised our left leg and body came up we would attempt to touch our opposite elbow on the knee that was raised so its a sort of crisscross pattern, i think its called the the 'Bicycle'.

    I must stress though that I'm not doing this on a bare floor, it is carpeted.

  • Just do the crunches they are easier and just as effective. Leg raises too, they work your lower abs, look into the plank it's great for abs and lower back, plus do some hip bridges for lower back and glutes.

  • Thanks, I'll have to look into hip bridges as I haven't heard of that one.

    Cheers. :-)

  • No worries, ask me anytime for advice.

  • Ah so that's what hip bridges are !!!! we used to do that but our coach called it something totally different which I cannot post on here, let's just say it was referenced to intimate horizontal wrestling with your partner/wife/girlfriend etc etc :-)

  • Haha lol

  • Yet another invention!

    Eat your heart out Duncan Bannantine

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