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Half way through the week ! Wednesday's post!

Good morning!

Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a wash out due to unforeseen circumstances! I didn't get half of what I wanted to done , family that needs help takes priority so whilst dealing with that I had a slight lapse , and it was only ''slight' ate the wrong foods (namely 'sugar' ) and the diet karma fairy came up and bit me and added a pound to me weight! I'm not stressing over a pound and I also know if I don't get this diet right for me it'll become a drag and I won't keep it up! But hey ho, Jim st a little bump in the road which I won't beat myself up over! Back on track today!

Having said all that ( sounded a bit like a confession ' bless me father for I have eaten sugar'!! doesn't it) I did do ten 1 minute crunches ( the equivalent of 50 hail Mary's possibly)? But that wasn't enough to appease the diet karma fairy obviously!! Lol

The other problem I'm having is getting around this site, I can't find the 'weigh in' I'd gladly do that if I could actually find it, probably being really dense but anyway,any techno map to it ( I have an iPhone) would be great, but please don't be too technical as I can be a bit blonde at times)!

Anyway I shall get back to my water and other goodness now I've owned up!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and be safe.

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Don't worry about your little slip, Eva, these things happen and it's best not to dwell on them, but to learn from the triggers that caused them and see if you can do things differently next time :)

As you are using an iphone, are you also using the HU App? If you are, you won't get access to the most important areas of our forum, so I suggest that you use the full website page.

The link to the weigh-in, can be found in Events, which is right at the bottom of the HOME page. Failing that, you'll need to scroll through all of the posts on the forum, until you reach the weigh-in thread.

I hope this helps :)

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Thank you!!! Enjoy your day!

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Not blonde at all! This brunette (well over the grey!) is still finding her way too!!! I am also using the app on my iPhone. What I found helped was to log on to the website and get my bearings there! Love the sugar penance by the way!!!

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Love the sugar penance as well. It is my downfall!!. Yes do not fret over a pound that is nothing.

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