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Healthier Pets :)

Hi All,

Just want to share something that I've discovered last month. I own a dog (Bailey), we do things together eating, sleeping, playing etc. Though he's not that active, so we went to a vet and been advised that he needs more exercise, so we did, I noticed that he gets tired fast so I looked for alternative way to boost his stamina like changing his food, vitamin but none worked, until I've read about c02 treatment wherein it helps improve blood circulation not only for human but for animals as well, so I checked their website chat with their chat support I even emailed their Physician in charge (yes they do have) and been advised that their product is a perfect fit and will work 100% for Bailey so I tried their 30 days free trial and last month the 30 days free trial ended and to be honest Bailey become more active I'm not sure but seems his fur even glows, in short it actually works!! so long story short after the 30 days free trial I purchased their product and continue using it.


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Morning MichaelTram

Welcome to the weight loss forum.

Glad to hear the product worked well on Bailey and he's now feeling better for it.

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I think you're pertaining with D'oxyva right? I too use d'oxyva and boy it helps, Been using it for I believe 2 months now also noticed that my stamina improved though I'm not aware that dogs can use it as well. That's something new :)




Thank you for sharing your story.

I heard a lot of good things about Doxyva but I didn't know that it will work for animals too. Thank you!