Creative with cucumber

The fridge is empty of salads, so having to be creative about my lunch today. A friend gave a cucumber, so thinking of using that with some balsamic vinegar, some cous-cous and chopped herbs from my garden and some fish with beans and brocolli for evening meal. Yoghurt and some greengage or plums as snacks during the day. That's me sorted for today! Good Luck with everyone's menu plans for today!


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16 Replies

  • That sounds delicious, parsifale, how lucky that your friend gave you a cucumber :)

  • Yes, isn't it moreless, but we do like to share - I took my friend some greengages from my garden. The trees are very old, but they did better this year. Lots of plums on the tree, but not ripe yet from lack of sun, so waiting to pick some juicy ones to give to another friend.

  • Ooooh, yumm!! I haven't had greengages for ages!! You're very lucky to have such lovely relationships :)

  • Cucumber, pinch of saffron, 1tbsp cider vinegar, 1 tbsp olive oil

    Peel the cucumber, cut lengthwise in half, and then in quarters. Remove seeds. Heat olive oil, add cucumbers and fry for 1 minute, add saffron, vinegar, 4 tbsps of water and salt. Simmer very gently for about 8 minutes, turning frequently. Eat.

  • That's an interesting recipe, MissisB. I don't think I've ever thought of cooking cucumber, usually just have it raw in salads. May have to try that one. :)

  • I have cooked cucumber in Chinese recipes, VickyDLM , Tiggerr and MissisB . Apparently the Chinese prefer them cooked to raw. Peel and deseed, cut into 2cm cubes, sprinkle with salt and leave in a colander for 20 minutes, rinse and pat dry. Delicious stir fried with chicken and garlic (ancient Ken Hom recipe).

  • I can eat it raw but only when I cut it thin. Loving these ideas of cooking with it. Thanks.

    One exception is crispy duck pancakes and then I'm happy to eat it until the cows come home

  • You can't go wrong with crispy duck pancakes! :)

  • Nomnomnom :)

  • Intriguing. I just picked my first two cucumbers (not even keen on them) and was wondering what to do with them. I'll do one like this, to go with this evening's meal.


  • Just had them with a burger, bacon plus sweet potato and broad bean curry (I know... a mish mash). The point is that they tasted great and the saffron gives them a nice colour. Cheers MissisB

  • With full-fat Greek yoghurt?

  • Didn't have that lying around (which would have been nice) but you've reminded me that I do eat cucumber in tzatziki. lol so that's two occasions now where I realise I'm happy with them in a raw state.

  • Sounds perfect and so very creative. Doing so much with so little.

  • That sounds good. I make cucumber salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, wax beans and balsamic vinegar dressing. It's so yummy!

  • I don't know what wax beans are Melhall. Do they have another name? Sounds as if they would be a good source of fibre to fill you up.

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