I'm back!

Hi all,

Been away and off the wagon for a couple of months - between an exam, a festival and having a really nasty cold, I completely gave up with diet and exercise (I haven't been to the gym in nearly 7 weeks, eek!). I have a horrible habit of comfort eating absolute crap when I'm revising, it seems to be the only way I can get through it :/ and when I'm full of cold, my body just gets perpetually ravenous.

But now that's all over and I'm feeling mostly well again, I need to get back to my mission, and I figured this was a lovely community for support, so I'd make an effort to come back :) I've been trying to go back to fewer carbs (omelettes in the morning, salads for lunch, minimal carbs for dinner), less sugar and more exercise!

I'm going to head to the gym tonight, which I'm dreading, since I know my body is going to hurt like hell tomorrow... I've also booked a body combat class for next week, and am starting to consider taking maybe a step or a spin class (because once I've booked something, it's harder for me to just give up and not go, because I'll feel guilty. Trying to get back into the healthy lifestyle having been away since the start of July is difficult, so I do need some support, but I'm hoping this sounds like a reasonable plan :)

I'm also thinking of actually starting the 12 week plan on Monday, so we'll see how it goes. Not sure if I have time to exercise every day, but I'll figure something out!


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  • Welcome back CaptainRainbow Hope your exam went well and that you enjoyed the festival.

    Glad to hear your getting back on track with your exercise but try not to overdo it too much at the gym tonight. Try building up the exercise each week. If you need some extra support with getting back on track with your eating plan then why not join the Daily Diary for a few weeks and share your daily plan with other members. You can find the DD on the Home page in Events. Why not also join in with today's weigh in as a good starting point.

    Have a great first week back.

  • Hi YellowRose, thanks for the reply :) the festival was wonderful, exam was hell, but fingers crossed it's a pass!

    My plan for tonight was to be reasonably gentle, but also to listen to my body. For example, do sets of 10 reps instead of 15, and build up again, but equally, if there's something that feels particularly difficult, or easy for that matter, adjust reps/weights accordingly.

    The daily diary I think is new, so I'll go poke my nose around, thank you so much :) sadly I'm avoiding weighing myself for a while, because I basically don't really want to know know much damage I've done in the last couple of months, because I'm scared I'll just get disheartened and give up :/

  • The Daily Diary is new was introduced in June and many members are finding it a great way to help stay on track or for extra support to get back on the wagon. We use it to share daily meal plans, any exercise we are doing and any tips to help each other. Hope you find it a useful new post to have. It posted daily and you can always find it in Events.

  • Welcome back Captain! Back to the grindstone! You might feel like you have lost all fitness when you're back at the gym but I bet it will come back quickly!

    Well done for getting through the exams and never worry what you had to do to get here!

  • Hi Happybeee, thanks for the reply :)

    I'm hoping it won't take too long for my body to adjust back up to where I was before all this nonsense started! I've not had a break this long since I started going to the gym, so I'm dreading how out of shape it'll be, but muscle memory tends to be quite good, so hopefully a few sessions and I'll be back :)

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