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Shopping done !

I did my weekly shop this morning The thing I noticed was theres lactose free gluten free but wheres the calorie free ? I stocked up on fresh fruit lovely local plums and cherries and my sister bought me freshly picked peas and tomatoes I also bought some ice lollies instead of my favourite icecream It surprised me how my shopping changed no biscuits or chocolate and I didn't even go down the dairy aisle with the fresh cream cakes ! I can only hope I can keep it up !!

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You were breathing it, Milliemay! Calorie free and free! ;)

Well done you, Supermarket Sweep at it's best! :)

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Well done Milliemay1 😊 Most of us have very different shopping trolleys these days. I prefer to shop twice a week as I buy so much more fresh foods than I ever did. By planning meals ahead I also save money and cupboard space, a bonus in my tiny kitchen!


This post did make me smile 😆

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