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Stir fried Italian Cabbage - 240 calories a portion

Stir fried Italian Cabbage - 240 calories a portion

I love the Diet Doctor website and often use it for inspiration. They don't have the calorific values for recipes, but as I log all of my food, I work this out. I'm happy to share some of the other recipes I have if anyone would like them? I have a few "cabbage based" ones!

Something lovely happens to the flavour of cabbage when you stir-fry it....


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That looks really good, Pineapple, thanks for sharing :)

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Ooh that looks so yummy! I've finally dragged my family on-board the healthy eating train, I think I will be introducing them to this in the next few days.. :) thank you for sharing.


Hi I would love some of your cabbage recipes, my husband has grown some this year so I need a few ideas for them.

thank you


I get inspiration from this site:


The Italian, Asian and Chinese cabbage recipes are all ones I've tried!


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