i have normal blood pressure !

9mths ago i was told i had high blood pressure and put on 10mg amlopodine tablets... at age 45 and weighing 19st...i couldnt accept that i might be on tablets for the rest of my life...so i decided to do something about it and lose weight and get fit !

2 weeks ago the dr stopped the tablets and i had a checkup today at the doctors and i have NORMAL blood pressure .. hooray...

I cant tell you how proud i feel of myself for getting fit and losing weight to achieve this... it has been hard work but has been my main motivation when i started on this forum in December and i can tell you that losing weight & moving more does make a difference to your health and im proof of that !

im not stopping as ive still a long way to get to the weight i want to be and i will continue to enjoy my new healthy lifestyle !

Have a lovely weekend all x


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41 Replies

  • Wow! That's fantastic, you have made such a difference to your life. I'm so glad you are now off the tablets. Well done! X

  • thankyou... i got another one off my list now.. think i definately need a new motivation list now !

  • Great news Claz - really good post, thanks for sharing.

  • thankyou x

  • You are a superstar and an inspiration! Well done x

  • thankyou 😁😁😁

  • That's fantastic news Claz 😊 They say nothing tastes as good as healthy feels

  • you are absolutely right.. its a good feeling x

  • Awsome Claz, soooo happy for you and what a great inspiration for others. Just know that you're going to nail the next part of your journey. Wooohoooo!

  • thankyou... my head is in a good place at the moment so feeling confident i will continue my journey to a lighter me x

  • Claz that is fantastic, well done!!!

  • thankyou x

  • That's great news Claz ... and you have every right to feel proud of yourself!

    Well done! 👍

  • thankyou.. and good luck to you starting your diet x

  • What fantastic news Claz you deserve to be very proud. Well done

  • thankyou.. this forum and everyones support has helped me so much to keep going x

  • Well done you!!

  • thanks xx

  • Congratulations that is fantastic Clad you must be so pleased

  • i am.. its a good feeling to know ive made my body work better x

  • Congratulations Claz!!

    You certainly are proof of how a mixture of spinning sessions (hard but rewarding) and other regular exercise, alongside that of calorie reduction and measured consumption of refined carbohydrate can have both a positive impact and (hopefully) long-lasting effect upon one's well-being.

    Despite your elation, I'm sure that your doctor is equally as dumbfounded in ascertaining how you've managed to cease taking the medication in such a relatively short space of time.

    Nonetheless, you ought to be incredibly proud of everything that you've accomplished since joining the forum and it's great to see that you've shared your fantastic news with us.

    Although the forum may have provided pointers along the way, ultimately, you are the one responsible for taking control. At the end of the day, we're accountable to nobody but ourselves.

    As such, just keep doing what you've been doing!!

  • thx.. yes the Dr was very impressed with me and she said i'd done really well to get off the tablets so quickly too and doesnt expect me to go back on them either but i have to continue with my new healthy lifestyle .... i got to go back in 1mth and they will continue to monitor me.

  • So your doctor should be, since what you've achieved in 7 months is nothing short of remarkable, Claz.

    Provided you continue to spin, which will help to maintain mitochondrial activity within the heart and ATP density within the muscles, thus, allowing exercise to be maintained for longer, before fatigue sets in, your healthy lifestyle will continue to endure.

    As a result of introducing HIIT, does SSC (steady state cardio) feel far easier when warming up for your spin sessions?

  • i love my spin now and can easily do my 1hr sessions now.. i do it twice a week now & also zumba & swimming & a pt session every week.. leaving me 2 rest days a week. my resting heart rate when i started was around 70.. now its averages around 57... i think im now the fittest ive been in my life.

  • Wow! Please tell me what spinning is? I see it referred to lots.

  • spin is basically indoor cycling.. you have different resistances where you either peddle really fast or put lots of resistance on 'climb'.. really gets your heart rate up xx


  • Brilliant, thanks for the link.

    Do you do it at home or in a gym?

  • i do it at my gym at 6:45am on a monday & wednesday morning !.. love it

  • Brilliant. It is so good to find exercise you enjoy

  • That's the beauty of HIIT, Claz.

    In addition to oxidising fat, leading to a marked improvement in body composition, the hard intervals also improve your body's ability to handle rising lactate within the blood during aerobic activity, even using lactate as energy during the hard intervals, hence why you're now able to spin for an hour.

    As such, it's of little surprise to hear you say that you've never felt fitter, while enjoying a greatly improved resting HR.

  • Are you sure it isn't because of an increased capacity to get oxygen to the working muscles?

  • Please tell me that you don't cycle vigorously, simply to exercise your body's aerobic pathway.

  • Not me. 53 this year, I do weight training for strength, 12 minutes running (150 bpm) or 45 minutes cycling (130 bpm) for aerobics. I don't envisage being able to sustain HIIT for hours as a long-term strategy.

    I'll leave the endurance stuff to others; I was just hypothesising as to what the benefit might be. Steve Redgrave and Tim Noakes were both world class endurance athletes that got type 2 diabetes; evidence that you can't out-exercise eating too many carbs. As you may be aware, Tim Noakes used to advocate a high-carbohydrate diet and has completely changed his view after his experience.

  • Well done that's great news

  • thankyou x

  • That is so encouraging. Thank you.

  • i just wanted to let people know that with effort and determination to lose weight... you can make a difference to your health and its not just about what you look like on the outside x

  • That's great, well done!!

  • thankyou x

  • You have done a wonderful job. Such inspiration.

  • Well done that is great news to hear xxx

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