I am feeling slightly sick and distinctly cross with myself. I weighed myself this morning - lost half a kilo in the last week. All well and good. Then on the way home from work I had to call in at Tescos to get cake board (am making a birthday cake for a friend's daughter) and ended up buying chocolate, ice cream and crisps which I've eaten in addition to the tea I had planned. I truly haven't done once in the last 3 months and have been feeling pretty proud of myself. I just don't understand why I did it. I have a family weekend starting tomorrow so although I will have a sensible breakfast the rest of the weekend will be difficult.

I know I'm tired but that isn't really an excuse and I need to find a way to get past that.


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5 Replies

  • Tomorrow is another day. Start a fresh and try to make good choices with the family. None of us are angels!

  • Hedgehog there is nothing you can do to change it. Don't beat yourself up get through the weekend making as healthy choices as you can and then next week stick to your healthy eating. We have all been there. Life sometimes gets in the way. Have a nice weekend and good luck next week.

  • Being tired is not an excuse, it's a reason 😕Our brains are hot worse to crave calorie dense food when we are tired. Please don't beat your self up Hedgehog17 Tomorrow is another day asKimbell says,

    Have a lovely weekend with your family

  • Hey as everyone has said it happens and not beat yourself up about it. Remember its a once in three months and you should still feel proud about those three months and accept and forget the one hour this happened. Also, you know the weekend is a test and so you have already prepared yourself and if you stray here and there remember there is Monday and a fresh start. So enjoy yourself at the family weekend. Xx

  • Hi Hedgehog 17,

    It happens to us all,I beat myself up when I have had a bad time.

    Don't look for a reason or excuse ,just enjoy your weekend .


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