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Slim fast diet- good or bad?

Someone at work told me about the slim fast diet where you replace 2 meals with their milkshakes and can have a meal at dinner time worth 600 calories with 3 healthy snacks throughout the day, is this a good diet to follow or is it just another way of people making money out of people?

Apparently the person at work lost 5 pounds one week?

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Hi saffrx

Welcome to the weight loss forum.

There is no quick fix to weight loss and Slim fast will work while your using it but is it going to work long term for you. I would suggest you give the nhs 12 plan a try, lots of our members have had success folowing it and it's free.

Take a look at the Welcome Newbie post in the Pinned post section at the right hand side or at the bottom if your on a mobile. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, many members have had success following this plan. Use the BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

Have a look at the Daily Diary which you can find on the Home page in Events. It is where all the members are sharing their daily plans on what they are eating and any exercise they are doing. This thread will give you some ideas on how to start.

Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects.

Take your measurements at the start together with a photo so you can see the changes on the days the scales don't move.

We have daily weigh ins so why not come along and join us today. You can find the weigh ins on the Home page in the Events section on the right. Just click on the post in Events and record your start weight and any loss/gain or maintain for the week.

To get the most of the forum be active, share tips, recipes and experiences. Read some of the posts they are very motivating.

Have a good first week.


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Why eat or drink replacement meals (and pay the earth) when you can eat real food, delicious proper meals, and still lose weight?

Hope that's the answer you wanted saffrx 😄


Good response TT and spot on.


I have used slim fast but only as a quick and easy meal very occasionally. You can actually eat quite a lot for the same 250 calories that a shake gives you and it feels so much more satisfying. You still total around 1200 calories with slimfast diet - ie 2x 250cals in shakes, 600cal in dinner and 2 or 3 snacks. I was surprised when i actually looked into it and then thought about what proper food i could eat for the same amount of calories.


Agree with you there Hidden I haven't used slimfast but think proper food is preferable.

However, some people will choose this option and it really is up to them I think.


Hello and welcome saffrx

Unfortunately there is no quick way to lose fat, if someone loses 5 lbs then at least half of that is water or body mass, not fat. It is also much more likely to stay off if you eat sensibly and lose the weight slowly


Hi saffrx Welcome to the forum,

If the slimfast, snacks and meal add up to a day's calories.. Eat the lovely food and enjoy it. This way you will get into the routine of planning ahead, what shopping you need, how to plan your menus and see the portion sizes and adjust your expectations going forwards. Training your eyes and stomach. Substituting with shakes will give you a short term easy menu, but it's not sustainable for life. Better to have the prepared frozen healthy meals - all calories counted available for when you need a quick meal but don't have the time...

There are great examples of menus for all sorts of calorie ranges on the daily diary every day.. Check the post out and enjoy your planning.

Cheering you on to your goals 🎉🎉🎉


Hi diets are fine if you plan to stay on them for life. But what happens when you go off them? The best way to lose weight and keep it off is by healthy eating.


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