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A long journey towards healthy weight (2nd stage) week 5-6 review

Hi everyone,

I hope you're enjoying the lovely weather. It felt like on holiday when we sat outside in our garden last night. We had roasted chicken, salad made with vegetable from our garden. I had my gin and tonic while others enjoyed ice cream for dessert. It was a nice family meal with relatively low calories for me.

I have mixed feelings about last 2 weeks. On the plus side, I lost 0.9kg all together (put on 0.1kg in week5, and lost 1kg in week 6). Nice to introduce our son to my extended family. It feels good being able to show him he's loved by many people other than mum and dad. Dinning out and not cooking myself a lot of times proved to be difficult. But with my aunt traveled back home this situation should improve.

So these are the things I have done right.

1. My fitnesspal seems to be the right calories counting product for me, it's much quicker and easier to manage than the system I used before.

2. My fitnesspal's calculation shows my daily carb allowance is 150 gram (based on my weight loss goal), cut down on carb has definitely made a difference

Thing I need to improve on

1. Back to drinking at 1.2 L water per day, I was good with water intake in my first 12 weeks, but not been so good lately

2. Eliminate refined carb from my everyday diet, but not banning them (which makes me want more of it in my experience), instead I'll allow myself to have refined carb on holiday.

Things to share in week 7 reading

dinning out:

"Don’t skip breakfast or lunch to build

calorie credits for your evening out.

Stick to your daily meal routine to keep

your appetite under control throughout the day. If you go over your calorie allowance, don’t worry: simply reduce your calorie intake the following days."

Have a nice week!


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It's good to reflect on what went well and what didn't. I always used to try and encourage my students to do just that!

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I would guess I do reflect, but I don't really like formal reflection. I'm never sure if I'm doing it right!

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Well you'd get top marks for thoughtful and productive reflection from me.

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Thanks:) I was a good student:)

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We can never be sure what really worked, in a way it's a guess, reasonable one

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