Feeling disgusting

I feel so disgusted with myself. My body is uncomfortable - bloated and aching back. I seem to have a desire to fill a hunger but I'm not entirely sure that hunger is for food. I feel full all the time and don't want to get dressed cause the idea of having to wear clothes fills me with dread. I haven't got any motivation for the gym & just want to hide in bed. I don't know where the usual me has gone and why she's been replaced with this really unhappy and physically uncomfortable person at the moment. I can't talk to my family or friends about it as they would just worry. I know there are no magic answers but I just want to stop feeling like this.


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6 Replies

  • Maybe it's time to make an appointment with your GP and get some help, Fran?

    I'm sure that your family and friends would rather know how you're feeling, to give them the opportunity to try and help. Please don't struggle alone, this is the time when you need the support of both the medical professionals and your loved ones.

    I hope that you'll find the strength to take the first steps to health and happiness.

  • You shouldn't feel disgusted with yourself Fran, I am sure there is some reason for it. Our bodies are strange things, sometimes we can be eating the same things but our body can react differently to it. If it is having an effect on your mood and making you want to hide away that is not a good thing, take it from one who knows! Go to the Doctor's, there may be a simple solution to it all. Make the appointment, it will maybe make you feel better if you can get to the bottom of the cause. Please don't hide yourself away. Take somebody with you if you can't face it on your own. Your family would want to help you - I am sure if they were in your position you would want to help them - allow them to be there to give you the necessary support and come back and tell us how you get on.

    Sending hugs and best wishes 💐

  • Oh Fran, it sounds like you've hit the floor at the moment and feel in a bad way! Im sorry to hear that you are feeling so low, and that you feel your weight and health are such a big part of it. The positive side of that though, is that it is resolvable.

    Firstly I really do agree that you may benefit from talking to your GP. If your mood is very low or anxiety very high I'll bet motivation to solve problems is scarce. I cant imagine how hard the challenge of turning your health around would be without first addressing that.

    With help from your GP, and a little action plan, you can start seeing a turnaround really quickly Fran. Even the slightest change in the right direction will help your mood, and of course your weight and health.

    Take the first step, make an appointment. And then start thinking about something you are willing to change - something small. Dont think too far ahead. Just one small change.

    You can have a better life Fran!

    Start now.

  • Thank you for your support and advice. You are right, a trip to the doctors is due! 💗

  • Decision made, now make sure you book the appointment😊

  • Hi fabfran

    I'm Graham my problem is copd however at the classes I attend for breathing / exercise I get to meet people at the gym class for all different reasons and some probably the same as yours and I mix and ta!k and support everyone I can in the same way.

    I can see it's been a few weeks since your last post so how are you getting on now ?

    Have you come to any understanding with your self ?

    I would like to try to help you if you wish ? ,,,,,,Total honesty ,,,.

    So if you want to chat I'm here

    Best regards


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