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Week of experimenting with food

Week of experimenting with food

Evening my happy, healthy people :)

I managed to do some of the kcal calculations. Not as many as I wanted, as it is very time consuming. Nevertheless, it is always more than nothing. And I left myself some space for my one coffee with 1 sugar per day, and some snack if needed.

Most of those recipes are new for me. So finger crossed they will be tasty ;)

As you can see there are still some empty spaces to plan, but I think I have quite a good structure of the week.

My newly calculated calorie allowance (according to TDEE calculator):

- 1,325 calories per day for loosing weight - exercise level changed to moderate :)

I'm still not sure which of the macro percentage I want to use:

- moderate carb (30/35/35): 99g protein / 51g fats / 116g carbs

- low carb (40/40/20): 132g protein / 59g fats / 66g carbs

I think this will be my future goal, after I manage to plan properly all week with kcal calculations :P

Have a good week :D

PS. Here is recipe of my Monday green soup (I did it with minor changes): eatingwell.com/recipe/24869...

PS2. Recipe for salad with kale & strawberry: eatingwell.com/recipe/25141...

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Note for future: I need to work on amount o lean protein. So I should add to my salads:

- eggs

- chicken breats

- tofu

- tuna (canned)

- seeds - bearing in mind fat content

- edamame - maybe...

In short more low-fat diary, fish & shellfish, and soya products.


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