Pheasant coconut feta Alfredo-ish

So my lunch plans went a bit awry and when I got back from Crossfit I just wanted to eat AlLL THE FOODZ. So had to whip up a somewhat improvised dish based on what ingredients I had to hand.

So it was seared pheasant breast with some steamed broccoli, pak choi, green beans and sugar snap peas and a sort of Alfredo-like sauce of coconut milk, feta cheese and crisp pancetta.

Cals:637 per serving

Protein 51g, Fat 46g Carbs 4,1g (although I haven't factored the veg into this.malso the total cals is probably a bit lower as we only used about 80% of the sauce.)


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2 Replies

  • Sounds delicious...

    The downside is that in this country the lead content in pheasant (even if the obvious shot is removed) is way above what would be permitted in any other food. Unless non-lead shot in this case?

  • None of theses had any shot in their breasts. I slightly question how risky it is anyway. I have eaten a lot of game most of my life, and never had any health issues from lead poisoning. The worst that has happened is the u bend of the loo tends to collect rather a lot of shot in the Autumn months and it is a fiddle to remove.

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