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Hi, ages ago I wrote a post about me in I still really want to wear them on holiday as it'll be hot. I know, I can be very stubborn.

Well, here's where I am now.

Have been going to the gym, concentrating more on getting fitter and less wobbly than food at the moment to be honest.

I just asked my husband for his opinion (always a risk). I put my nice colourful (size 18!) shorts on. "What do you think".

"Ummmmm, they're not good".

"What aren't, my legs?"

"Oh no, your legs are fine, it's the shorts I don't like" !!

Now THAT I can handle! We both had a giggle. Will keep going with the gym, as it's obviously working. I'll get there, it's just taking a different route to the one I had planned.

With maybe a pair of navy shorts thrown in just to tone things down. My colourful shorts are now though officially in the pile for holiday!!


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6 Replies

  • Morning SarahLDgetthin

    Sounds like your doing great after hubby's comment, just need differnt shorts! lol. Keep up the great work your doing brilliant.

    Have a lovely Sunday.


  • Thank you! And what's even more weird, I now spend less than what I used to spend on wine...on a personal trainer (torturer) once a fortnight. I did feel guilty until I realised he's cheaper than alcohol lol! And have a good Sunday too Rose.

  • Men!! Lol 😀

    Enjoy your holiday and wear those shorts with pride!

  • What didn't he like about the shorts? Mine doesn't like ones that are too baggy or bright or patterned. He suggested chino ones like his although I prefer linen. I compromised and bought 2 pairs.

  • Too brightly patterned I think! Makes me want to wear them more now haha!

  • I would wear them too! Worth trying different styles as well though to get a range. I bought some narrow denim ones which I thought I would never wear and they look ok (was going to say good but at size 18 I will settle for looking ok in shorts)

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