Calories or Weight Watchers

I am new here and am still struggling with counting calories. I have been to weight watchers in the recent past but it just wasnt a motivation for me so i decided to stop paying for someone to tell me i had put on weight!

However - i am now trying to get to grips with how many calories this site tells me i should be having ..........approx 1500 - 1900. I have barely eaten 1500 today - yet when i put that into weight watchers points it is 35 points so i have overeaten by quite a lot.

i feel like i have overeaten.

My menu was

B- Weetabix x 2 plus handful of allbran with milk and fruit

L - 2 slice beef sandwich. Salad, fruit and pkt quavers plus a yogurt

T - Weight Watchers meal with mixed veg. Plus 5 prunes with Custard (made from custard powder, water, dash of milk and canderel so fairly low in calories)

For snacks i had 4-5 nuts and a square of dark chocolate.


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  • I'm sorry osci i don't know much about weight watchers but I would trust the nhs calorie target.

    Remember the food quality is important too, so if you can include a little more fruit and veg that would be good,

    Take a look at the Daily Diary to see what others are eating 😀

  • I did weight watchers many years ago osci I think the difference with the NHS 12 week plan is that it encourages change for life so you probably have eaten more calories and thus may not see dramatic effects but it is sustainable and allows you to get healthy and stay healthy. I don't know about you but I always put the weight back on with weight watchers.I have lost 1,5 stone in. A year eating just above my NHS BMI calculator range. Hope that is some help 😃

  • yes i think you're right. Thanks

  • Anything complex with syns and points seems like too much hard work, calories are relatively easy, tho not all are equal, fresh, better ingredients are always better.

    I'd stick to cals the easy option

  • i must admit - w'watchers seemed very restrictive - i always felt i was on "a diet" and could never maintain it - this seems much more flexible. ie nuts as a snack was a definite no-no in WW but here it is actively encouraged proportion of course

  • Having tried a few clubs I found the programs complex and restricted. I'm still a novice here but I'm finding it much easier to count calories as I'm learning what the real value of foods is and what that looks like. And using the forum is really useful and inspiring. Good luck with your journey. Baby steps and keep on walking 🚶


  • Thanks

  • Hi I lost 4 stone counting calories. It really works for me. I had regained 1 stone so decided last week to write everything down and count calories again. I start with the minimum no. that I think you can exist on safely which I reckon is 1200 for me I am 5'9 so to not feel hungry I have to make sure I have enough protein every meal then plenty of veg, not roots and 2 pieces of fruit, 4 ryvitas half pint skimmed milk and a yogurt. I have lost 6 lb since tue doing that, if I get hungry I am eating nuts and dried fruit, I want to lose that stone I put back on as I felt so much better and could move easily. I have managed to have no wine no choc and up until yesterday no cake . I did have some cake at a t dance yesterday!! The thing is I had got back to having cake every time we went out for coffee. It is my biggest downfall especially if I am having a bad day and don't plan the meals ahead. Its always going to be a battle. The bottom line is I wont be able to move with my joints knees if I gain it all back. Good luck just be determined.

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