Pedometers - please recommend a good, cheap one!


I'm a newbie, 174cm and 103.1kg (BMI 33). I'd like to walk more, for general health and weight loss, and think a pedometer would help keep track of my activity. Can anyone recommend a good, cheap one? I've tried using my phone but it doesn't record all my steps and is cumbersome. I'm recovering from hip surgery so progress will be slower than most....

many thanks....


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8 Replies

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  • What phone have you got? I find my iPhone perfectly adequate. What makes you think it's inaccurate? I'm just interested. FitBits are meant to be good, as is the Apple Watch. Both can be pricey though so probably not what you are looking for.

  • Hi Minty4,

    I think its inaccurate because after an hour long walk it had recorded 650 steps! Sometimes after a whole day it only records around 300 steps. I don't like carrying my phone on a walk, Id rather have something smaller, and under Β£20. Thanks for your response though - very speedy! :)

  • Omron, about Β£25 on Amazon. It has a loop attachment for belt loop (or bra strap!) I had a slightly cheaper one before that died In the washing machine but this ones been through the wash twice and is still ok πŸ˜€

  • Thanks Fran. Ive just checked out the Omron, and found one for 14.99 plus 4 postage. Its the cheaper version I think....

  • Great, just make sure you take it off before you wash it! Happy walking πŸ˜€

  • I have a Jawbone Up which is a similar price and really like it,

  • Hi LL-11, hope you are having a good day? I bought one from Sainsburys for a bout Β£10, it just clips onto your belt. It is not fancy but it does the trick and records your steps. You can reset it every day.

    good luck

  • Also Karrimor from Sports Direct. About €11. Personally I 'll have nothing to do with any step device that can be uploaded somewhere. Too much like Big Brother over my health

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