It's all common sense really

It's all common sense really

I saw this book on a post and thought I would read it. I was hoping that there would be an answer to all my losing weight concerns; a magic potion; a panacea. No! It gives a great history of government initiatives and what worked and what didn't.

What I have realised is there is nothing magic and it is all common sense. It doesn't mean it is easy, but nothing worth having is.

It reinforces the limit sugar and processed foods as they do not set off the I am satisfied alarm that our bodies do have if we eat the right food. Another blinding glimpse of the obvious- eat only when hungry. This doesn't always fit in with breaks at work, but I do this without thinking at the weekend. You don't have to eat breakfast. Wow, really? No, if you are hungry eat ir - but not sugary cereal. If not, wait until you are hungry.

It doesn't hurt to have a long gap between food - your body can cope. In fact it will probably do you good and missing the odd meal will not do you any harm or make your body go into starvation mode.

A good read and a refreshing thought- listen to what your body wants; not your eyes ( ok sometimes, but not all the time)


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6 Replies

  • It may be common sense, wakywoo, but it doesn't hurt us to hear it reinforced now and then! 😊

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this book wakywoo 😊

    I have also realised that there is no magic solution, just common sense and moderation in eating 😊 But as trimmerteacher suc, it's good to have this reinforced 😊

  • I found a book a few year's ago called 'what have you got to lose' by Shelley Bovey. It'seems humorous and down to earth. I keep it by my bed and pick it up when I need some gentle inspiration.

  • I have to admit that I am a fan of Jason Fung's and regularly fast - for example yesterday I had nothing but tea and coffee until 4pm. I actually find I am less hungry by eating just twice a day.

    I have been on my weight loss journey for five years now, and have been following the Blood Sugar Diet principles since last October. When I did my first 8 week round, I was completely blown away by the weight that I lost and also how much better I felt in myself. Lots more energy, less pain.... I managed to lose 13lbs in 7 weeks, which was great as I am fairly close to goal and struggle to lose most weeks now. My calorie allowance is only 1,333 for maintenance because of my age, my height (4ft 9) and disability that prevents me from being very mobile and exercising.

    I now eat full fat yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, butter - all in moderation, and realise just how disgusting many of the "low fat" foods taste - the fats are often replaced with sugar or artificial sweeteners. Even things like mint sauce, horse radish, etc are full of sugar!

    Not sure I could ever totally give up sugar from my diet, or processed carbs, but I know that these things do help me when it comes to losing weight.

  • You have done amazingly well pineapple27. I like the sound of intermittent fasting and may even make a bone broth at some point.

  • I really enjoyed this book and I think you summarised it really well wakywoo

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