Newbie's first day is so empowering!!

After 25 years of struggling with my weight and trying to follow diets, today I have realized why they weren't successful! I never felt I was in control! I thought I needed someone to tell me what to eat, to show me how its done, but today for the first time I started to count the calorie and fat content, and I realized I have always hated being told what I should and shouldn't do - and that apparently goes for eating! Previously I thought counting calories would have been too much like hard work (and it probably was because my attitude wasn't right) but today I realized by taking it one meal at a time, this (no great) mystery of healthy eating could become second nature. Dare I say I am taking control of my eating habits????

Today my total calorie intake has been 1585 (for my weight the recommended intake should be between 1649 and 2120). My total fat is 43grams however I don't know if this is a healthy amount. I don't know if I should be counting the whole fat or the saturated fat. I have been counting the whole fat. Does anyone know which one I should be counting and what should be my daily fat intake?


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7 Replies

  • Hi DD7005

    Well done in taking control of your own healthy eating. It sounds like your in the right mindset to achieve your goal in losing weight.

    I don't usually count the fat but I do count all my calories and only eat low fat products to limit the amount I have. Sounds like you have had a really good day and stayed within your calories. Good luck with the rest of the week.


  • An excellent day DD7005 and welcome to the wonderful world of healthy eating and personal control. This forum is magic, so much support, tough love sometimes but always, always with the very best of intentions to support and never to judge.

    Keep on keeping on.

  • Hi DD7005, sounds as though you are heading in exactly the right direction with your weight loss journey, well done you! It makes SUCH a difference when you know YOU are the one in control. I felt that it helped me with self discipline: because I was the one in control it was ME I was letting down by letting things slip, no-one else, so it made me all the more determined to keep a grip on my healthy eating habits.

    Fat: I don't count fat but I do try to avoid saturated fat if possible; it's one of the 'bad guys'. I don't eat 'low fat' versions of foods either, as so often the manufacturers take out the fat and fill the product up with sugar and carbs instead! If you're calorie counting you NEED a bit of fat, IMHO or your body has no energy reserves to fall back on and you will feel hungry. Others may well completely disagree with that theory, please feel free to contradict me!

  • Lovely to read your positive post DD7005 The more you read and learn here the easier it will get.

    just one thing to note... Not all calories are equal. What I mean by that is some food stuff (sugar/starchy carbs) is easier for the body to turn into fat. Eating a small amount of protein at every meal will help your body's blood sugar levels. Even just a few nuts. Well done and keep posting xx

  • Such a lovely post, and I agree totally. This time I felt different right from the start, empowered like you said. I feel accountable, eat my favourite foods but in moderation, and enjoy exercuse. 😊 After 40 years of yoyo 'dieting' I think I've finally learnt how to do it!!

    Very best wishes DD7005 😊

  • Hi DD7005 and welcome to this wonderful forum.

    I wonder if there is something in the air as I was certain that 'this time' I would get rid of at least 6 stone after years of yoyo dieting.

    With how many wonderful people are on here, there is so much help and support for us newbies.

    As to your fat, I use My Fitness Pal to log all my calories and my calorie range is 1800-2200 and MFP reckons that I should have no more than 70g of fat a day so yours is absolutely fine going by that.


  • Hi DD7005 - it is good to hear that you are taking charge. I agree with you that calorie counting allows you to do just that.

    There are so many "religions" out there about what to eat when you want to lose weight - some believe in low-fat, others in low-carb. I think you have to find out what works for you.

    In my case, if I stay within the calorie range given to me by the NHS BMI calculator, I'm losing weight, not matter what I eat. But I feel less hungry if I make sure I eat enough protein, enough vegetables and drink enough water.

    Good luck on your journey!

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