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Meet Buppeeeeee my Tummy FLAB! LOL

Yes you read correctly, my toddler has named my flab on my tummy Bupppeeee, he finds it hilarious that he can make sad face, happy, angry face and laughing all with my FLAB! I found it so funny and still do as he does it with such innocence and I told him he can enjoy it while it lasts.. but then my husband who I love dearly and is my soul mate stole our thunder by saying "you laugh as though your proud of it".

No i'm not proud of it in fact its nasty and I hate it but i'm doing something about it, I am focused and looking at ways NOT TO BE ON A DIET but to be HEALTHY. To make the right choices and have a healthy lifestyle, I don't want to diet loose all the weight only then to put it all back on.

Again... I've said it before and I say it again - our journey of weightloss is ours, and the ladies on here share so many struggles and challenges but still defying the odds which is truly remarkable and I find it a blessing I found this forum as it really make you realise that with all the goals, events, special occasions we have - ULTIMATELY the weighttloss and feeling amazing about ourselves should be for US... ME, MYSELF AND I.. not for the boyfriend, friend, husband, children etc should be for YOU...

I feel I'm more determined now than ever as i'm loving myself and giving this gift of weight loss TO ME!

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Funnily enough, mannikaur, I was just speaking to a friend about this very subject, this morning.

I put my whole life on hold, waiting to lose the weight, to give myself permission to like myself and be liked by others. Admittedly, I have lost a lot of weight, but I'm back to what was an average weight for me and a weight that I used to hate and hated myself at, but this time my head's telling me something different.

This time I'm happy to be fit and healthy, regardless of the number on the scales, or the opinions of others. I will be happy to remain overweight forever, if needs be, because I know that I'm eating and exercising, healthily and sustainably :)

If I should lose more weight, then that will be the cherry on the cake! :)


well said, this is for ourselves, ultimately. I used to make fun of "jelly belly" too. My toddler son and husband found it funny, too. But I said it because I make jokes about myself, that's who I am, I like people who don't take themselves too serious. I want to look fit like most people, but in the end, I'm doing this to be fit and healthy, to feel happy, not to please anyone.


well done!! well said! So glad i found this forum too!💪💪

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