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Never give up!

After the week I've had I looked at myself and thought I either give up or carry on. I'm carrying on, even though I've now got more obstacles in my way.

Yes I may have swollen feet, ankles and legs but I can walk. I've bought some compression stockings and tights to see if they help. I'm going to put my feet up as much as possible and live my life, not let my life live me (if that makes sense).

My weight gain is not due to my eating but to water 💦 retention, steroid taking and change in medication. My journey is now longer than expected but I know I will get there with the help of myself and the support that is here.

Here's to (hopefully) a happy 😊 weight loss

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Hi frumpymum2fitmum

Well done you for not giving up, you can do this!! Just tak eit one day at a time and your get there. When I first started nearly a year ago I could'nt even walk across my own living room without help but now I'm a completly different person and even returning back to work! What I'm trying to say if I can do then you can, just keep going.



That's a very encouraging thing to read.My sister in law is on long term medication and steroids and seems to have "given in " to her accompanying 3 stone weight gain, but she is very depressed about her looks. Ive tried to be supportive and suggest weightloss help ( such as this forum) but she just poo-poo's the idea.

Your post just goes to show that with the right attitude you can still change things, even if the journey is longer as you say.

Good luck and well done. Just baby steps can make a difference, and you're amongst friends on here.

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I lost 5st due to changing my eating habits within 2yrs. I was really happy with myself as other times I had tried and failed. But over the last couple of years I gained here and there, which wasn't too bad but since the beginning of the year I have been ill 3 times, all resulting into hospital stays 😢

Now my steroids and some other medication has been doubled my weight is increasing and I've water 💦 retention. I have to stay positive otherwise I'll end up going mad. At least I have my hubby and other family members behind me supporting me.

I intend to hit the BIG 40 in 8wks times with a little weight loss rather than my original intention of 2st loss

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