Tips and advice welcome I have lots of questions too

Started this journey about three weeks ago and as I seemed to be gaining weight slowly over the years and got to 19st which was a bit of a shock. I'm in my 40s and know things slow this down. Lost about 5 pounds but have a scale that is lines not digital so it's really hard to see. Will invest in a new one I guess. Not too interested in exercise but I do swim a little and exercise but from reading a lot on this forum it's really about food isn't it? So cooking healthily, have stopped wine and snacks in the evening. Definitely get full faster, I tried bulgur wheat yesterday and couldn't finish dinner. I'm having breakfast but on my work days drinking a slimfast for lunch (and some fruit and walnuts for snacks) and normal dinner with family (generally healthy dinner). On Fridays I am wiped out and have ordered Indian or Chinese and have a beer or glass of wine. I need a treat to keep me going. Here are my questions:

I've read it's bad to eat below your daily calorie goal mine is 1200 is this true? This can stall weight loss?

Anyone out there recommend the 16/8 intermittent fasting? Does it mean you eat what you like?

I'm not great on low carb as I love bread and potato. Any other top tips would be really appreciated and I'm really into the recipes.

So glad I found this forum will dedicate a chunk of half term to reading all the links properly. Thanks for any help, advice or motivation.


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  • Hi welcome. Sorry to be bearer of bad news but the fact you love bread and potato is exactly why you should go low carb. I started in October cutting it out and didn't eat a single slice until Christmas Day, only had potatoes about 3 times in pubs in 3 months and still haven't had pasta since October. I have lost loads of weight by cutting out what has made me fat. It gets so much easier to not have it at all than it is to restrict to it as you still get the taste which made me want to eat more. Now I only eat it on rare occasions like once a month have a sandwich if I am out on the go.

  • Thank you! Do you still eat fruit? It's amazing you don't calorie count - what are your favourite dishes for making you feel full?

  • I eat lots of fruit and veg - 10 potions a day probably. Veg fills me up - covers half the plate. Chewing it keeps my mouth busy!

  • I'm always amazed at how a lovely slice of whole meal can be so bad for me or a baked potato how can that be?

  • It's not that it is bad for you it is just that it is extra plus anything you put on it is usually high calorie.

  • Depends on your viewpoint, I eat lower carb due to bring of a certain age, def helps

  • Wow - that's great to know low carb helps with that joy I haven't reached yet!!

  • High-glycaemic foods such as wholemeal bread or baked potato cause an abnormal spike in insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), that's why they are so bad for you. An excess of this hormone causes abnormal growth of the endothelial lining of arteries, effectively narrowing them.

    Balanced eating includes low Gi carbs in sensible amounts; most people's body uses 480 to 640 kcal from glycogen/carbs per day. More than this is turned to fat, which can still be used of course, but it's better to eat the natural fat that yields the micro-nutrients we need.

  • There goes todays baked potatoes :)

  • It's not bad for you! 5 slices is bad for you😜

  • Yes these food types have become my sin too. When i was slim i didnt eat any bread/potatoes etc but over the past few years ive been eating things like porridge bananas potatoes and bread. They say porridge is good for us but it just fills us up and i think that feeling of fullness gives a sense of comfort and thats why im eating more. Thats what it feels like for me anyway, I really need to get my eating habits into non eating habits :) :)

  • Morning Louxa

    To answer your questions 1200 calories is too low and yes it will stall your weight as your body can go into starvation mode thinking it is not gwtting food and hold onto any it does have. I would say check your BMI to see what your daily allowance is and then aim for the middle to lower end of the calorie range to lose weigh.

    Never herd of the 16/8 intermitting fasting so I can't comment on that one.

    For any recipes have a look in the Topics under "Recipes/Meals/Snacks" you may find some recipes you like there. Also take a look at the Daily Diary on the Home page in Events to see what other members are having on their daily plan.

    Hope this helps you.


  • 16/8 is the thing where you pick an 8 hour window to have all your meals in and then don't eat for 16 hours. Never tried it myself. I like to keep it simple for me.

  • Thanks EllaMidlands I've learnt something new. I don't eat after 7pm until the next day so I suppose I do something like the 16/8 without knowing what it is called!

  • I read that your body only really stops resting from digesting/absorbing food after 12 hours of eating last meal. So the few hours after that you can hang on until you eat the next meal are great for the body. It doesn't matter what 8 hour window you choose for eating but he's on 1pm lunch and 8pm dinner so he can join family and friends and the weight comes off.

  • I live for bread, cheese, chocolate and wine. I think I could forego everything else....whatever you live for you must smaller amounts. It's easy to say and hard to do but I believe it's possible.

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