Slow but sure (hang in there!)

Hello all - just a quick update........ so I'm nearly four months in and the grand total of weight loss is 1st 10lbs. Got stuck just over three weeks ago where I only seemed to loose just over 1lbs in nearly 2 and a bit weeks, but followed advice and increased the calorie intake for a couple of days per week (at random) by eating a mix of protein, carbs and fat - it does work (just don't go mad, just increase by say 300 to 500 calories and it seems to kick my metabolism up again. In my head I have another 1st and 5lbs to loose, but going on how my clothes fit (and having to buy new ones) I'm not sure whether that is an actual target - I'll go by bmi etc. It's strange when people say "wow, you've lost some weight" as not used to such comments, but very kind and spurs me on.....So to anyone else struggling, hang in there and put up with the weeks of hardly no weight loss (or none at all), as it will be ok in the end (trick your body if you need to as I have)... keep it up, be worth it in the end - you know that...


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4 Replies

  • Well done, that's a good chunk of weight loss right there. Interesting to read how you handled the slowdown, very non-intuitive to think eating more will get you losing weight again.

    Keep it up, great effort and result.

  • Congratulations! :) That's interesting about upping your calories to re-kick your metabolism, I'd never of thought of that! I'm glad you feel like you're at a place where you are happy :)

  • Morning GetToTheChopper

    Wow, you have done fantastic to lose 1 stone 10lbs since Januaury, that's great going. I think we all have those times when our weight lose seems to level out for a few weeks, so well done with sticking at it and getting your weight moving again. Using the BMI as a guide on where you need to be is a good idea, most members aim for the middle range of the healthy BMI.

    Keep up the good work and have a great week.


  • I think you've done very well, almost 2 stone that's fab! Your decision to slightly increase your calorie intake to kick start your metabolism is interesting and something I'll remember so thanks for sharing that tip. Keep up the good work.

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