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Back online, made it in more ways than one!

We made it, only broke a few bits and the sat system is up and running after a bit of tinkering.

Today is the end of week 3 for me, it goes quick! Soooo, how did it go, wellllll...

Neck down 1/2"

Chest down 1/2"

Thigh down 1/2"

Waist stayed the same"

Lost an inch off the belly...woohoo! First time it's reduced, doing my happy dance!

Good week, well pleased at catching a slip up midweek and still massively motivated. Well chuffed!!!

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Well done hope your making it a very energetic happy dance πŸ’ͺπŸ†

I take it the move is complete? Where are you now?

Glad your back xx


We're down the south end of the Haradh field, just before it turns into Tinat. Love the names over here, used to live in a place called Hofhuf!

Burned some calories today, lots of physical stuff rigging down and rigging up again.


That sounds exhausting, and in the heat 🌞 definitely burning calories πŸ˜† have a fantastic week and don't forget plenty of water xx


Woohoo Stevo!! Mr Muscles and the incredible shrinking man!! WTG you! :)


Well done, great results! πŸ†


Excellent Steve!


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