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I signed up yesterday and I did not think I'd get the positive feedback that I did. As I don't get out much not without the hefty price of a taxi. I have had many a conversation with my support worker, last week we were talking about getting out and joining a group. And anyone who has problems getting about when someone suggests something like this sometimes we go on long verbally but in your head is "yeah right!!!" Or "not going to happen." But yesterday I decided to get out after my first post and join slimming word which to my surprise I am two stone lighter then I thought I was. So I am happy.

To all out there if you have country parks or just parks nearby ring a partner take your camera and do 2k. I used to do 5km with a friend before illness took its toll.


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12 Replies

  • Oh well done you, Fp! I'm delighted that you took the plunge and that you were pleasantly surprised with your weight.

    I hope everything goes well for you at SW and that you'll continue to join us here :)

  • I will continue,I just wish I found you guys after I shredded my nerves and walking had come to a standstill. I still get friends thinking that once I lose weight I can do all that I used too. Which is sort of frustrating.

  • I think it takes a while for people to stop seeing what they want to see and the problem is really theirs to deal with. I'm sure, that given time, you can continue your friendships, but in a different way :)

  • Oh win for you then! What a lovely surprise finding you weigh 2 stone less than you thought, well done you.

  • You know what I find scary? I was the fittest of all my sister and in the past two year after my health took a tumble two of my sisters have lost a lot of weight walking and exercising which I tried to get them to do before. I am happy for them, but it is the lose skin I am frightened of. Don't get me wrong anyone this will not put me off this quest.

  • That's wonderful 🏆 I can imagine how pleased you are 😆 it's a fantastic feeling, wishing you well with slimming world 😆 keep us posted and remember we are here if you need us 😃

    Good luck

    Kat xx

  • Cheers honey!!

  • That is good news! Well done on getting out there.

  • Wow Christmas and Birthday present in one 2st less what a fab surprise 👍

    You sound so positive things can only get better for you and hope you enjoy SW and keep us informed of your progress. Any useful tips you find please let us know and if there's any support you need just shout out there's always someone here to answer a problem.

    Well welcome, enjoy your new found freedom and the walks and good luck for next week are you having a weigh in day on here maybe the same one as your day at SW?

    Best wishes Bev

  • Congratulations on getting out and about, I know how hard it can be to do.

    When I first put the discs out in my back I was only able to walk ! step at a time, I had to put my right foot forward then bring left foot level with it, rest, then start again. I very nearly gave up but I forced myself to move, bought fitbit and made sure I walked a couple of steps further each day. Now the distance that took me 90 mins this time last year I can do in about 15-20 mins (depends on weather lol) and left foot now goes in front of right too.

    It's brilliant that you are actually 2st less than you thought, I wish ...

    I have thought of Slimming World but not one near me and travelling isn't easy as at the moment I don't drive but I am planning to change that this year as soon as I have got off enough of the tablets . Let us know how you get on and if you find it works any tips would be great .

    Good luck, I am sure you will do really well


  • You walking seems like mine. Pain sometimes so intense I feel sick.

  • Yeah I know that feeling only too well.

    I also know the embarrassment of sitting on a bus with tears running down my face as it has gone over one bump too many or braked suddenly and flares the pain up too much

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