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Really pleased with the first week of counting calories I lost 4lbs last week.

Since then I've been drinking Lemon water in a morning I read something that says its supposed to help so I'll try it and see, I've also had a change in medication that has knocked my breathing for six, needless to say I've stopped taking the offending pill and now I'm just waiting for it to get out of my system and hopefully leaving no lasting effects.

I made another one of my pizza's last weekend, it slid off the tray and on to the plate beautifully, well I thought it had till I realised the base was still stuck to the pan.

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That's amazing! Well done! Can I ask if stayed off the scales until the end of week?


Hi Dazzle

Don't know as yet as I weigh on a friday, I'll let you know in a couple of days



Hello Dazzle,

Your question, the answer is I stayed the same this week, very often a change in meds is accompanied by a dose of constipation as was the case this week, so staying the same is a good result for me I feel



Best of luck this week!


Fantastic, Pete! You're off to a flying start! :)

Good luck with your lemon in water experiment, if nothing else, it's encouraging you to drink more.

Sorry to hear that your change in medication had such a horrible effect on you! I hope you recover quickly and fully!

Oh dear, pizza disaster! :D


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