Apples not pears

Hello there. I was wondering if any other apple shapes out there have found any really good clothing sites. Most of them the plus size sites seem to cater for the pear shape. I wear leggings as jeans are hopeless so I like long tunics. Most of the sites I look at Evans/Marisota etc seem to cater for younger women who want a few ruffles, frills and sequins. Their tops are mostly too short as they are meant to go with jeans. Anything without stretch is hopeless as I need a 20 on top which is way too big below. As for pepperberry, they seem to cater for big boobs but an otherwise perfect figure. I'm the sort of apple that Sainsbury's refuse to sell, lumpy and bumpy!! Big tummy, big boobs and no waist at all.

Hoping to resolve some of these issues with my diet but until then, if anyone has any tips for where to buy grown-up (not frumpy) apple clothes I'd be a very happy, lumpy,bumpy apple.


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8 Replies

  • Simply B? They have a good variety. You can totally avoid frills and ruffles although sometimes they hide lumps and bumps really well. My gran just started rocking a little leather jacket at 89 & looks really stylish so don't rule shops out immediately. Try on if you can I'm usually surprised by things that don't look much on the hanger being great on.

    Good luck 🤞

  • Hi. Thanks for that. I have tried Simplybe, Marisota and Curvissa. but found little I liked. I think perhaps I just don't like how I look at the moment and can't embrace the "flaunt what you've got" philosophy which these sites (quite rightly) promote. Think I might need to just hold off more clothes buying until I feel better about myself . Thanks again.

  • Hi new look have a curves section, I've brought a couple of times from there, but some of it is a little trendy, so you do have to look through xx

  • Thanks. tried this but rather too modern for me. I have always liked White Stuff/ Fat Face style and although they do produce 18s they just don't suit me any more ( used to buy a 12 Sigh!!) as they cling to tummy and back enhancing the appley-ness.?

    Thanks for your post though.

  • Hello Midlifecrisis and welcome to the forum 😊 Firstly, I'm going to sort a Newbie badge for you and also encourage you to join one of the daily Weigh-in's and the Daily Diary.

    I hope your are enjoying the forum, and have had chance for a good look around and at the suggestions you received in your first post. Also that you have had a successful first couple of weeks. 😊

    With regards to clothes, I'm a similar age and shape to you, and it is a struggle!! When I find a top I like I used to buy one in every colour! Havinf skinny legs and a large middle I didn't think leggings suited me (I looked like a lollipop 😳) so I wore loose trousers from M&S or Asda (cotton or linen to cope with hot flushes) and loose long tops/dresses from anywhere I could find any. As you say, dresses are very difficult, but there are a few loose fitting summer dresses around at the moment. I also wear a long cotton cardigan, the layers are flattering and also good for removing during a 'power surge' as I call my hot flushes. Now I am smaller I do wear leggings under the tops but still like loose trousers.

    I hope this is helpful, please ask if you have any questions about the forum, the eating plan or anything 😊

  • Good idea re the trousers as leggings are too hot in summer. Might give that a try. I love that look with the loose linen layers but as I'm also short I look a bit like an unmade bed 😀

    I love simple dresses for summer but again the big ol' boobs start causing problems.

    Good luck with the hot flushes etc. I know exactly how that feels.

  • Recently I've found some cracking dresses in charity shops for hardly anything to get me through the weight loss period. Not everyone's cup of tea but if you aren't bothered by it worth a look x

  • Haha "unmade bed" yeah - I know what you mean!!

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