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Week 3 midweek update

Kind of lost track of time at the end of the second week, back to normal now! Found a few errors creeping in the last couple of days, I slacked off on my water intake without being aware of it, noticed as my wee was getting darker, so nipped that in the bud. Also noticed I was getting a bit lackadaisical about counting all the calories and my goal of hitting my lower target was being exceeded. Not by a huge amount, but by enough to be a warning sign.

So I've tightened up on everything again, still struggling with fitting dedicated exercise in, it is tough at work but I know I can do better.

So in short got a little frayed at the edges but got control of it, staying on target. Reading about some of your great wins, looking at you George56, is a great motivator, keep on losing guys and gals.

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Morning Stevo5585

Well done on pulling it back on track again, it can be so easy to drift off from drinking enough water or the calories slowly creeping up again. Your doing great so keep it up.

Have you had a look at the new Daily Diary? Lots of members are finding it very useful to staying on track as it makes you more acountable on your daily calories and some members have had some get loses after following it for a week.

Have a lovely Sunday.



Hadn't looked at it yet Rose, thought it was more for people cooking and planning their own meals. If I can just add in what I am having it'll make me more accountable and help out if I am going wrong. I'll take a look at it.

No such thing as weekends while I'm at work, it's 13-14 hours a day for 5 weeks, but today is special as it's my half way point to heading home so all downhill from here!


You can post your daily food plan on the thread and pick up a few tips off other members along the way.

That does sound like a special day. Have a good day at work.


Posted late in the diary yesterday mate, was a lazy cooking day as stuff straight out of freezer, didn't really plan it as such but managed to stay within kcals limit. So even though you can not plan as much, don't worry just add up end of day and keep posting, doing exercise and water intake in there as well. It is a diary after all! 😊


Have given it a shot, just finished posting the plan. Weird how once you've been doing this long enough you get a 'sixth' sense on what you can eat without blowing the calorie budget.

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Hi Stevo5585 you seem to have caught yourself early on the slip up and I'm really pleased you noticed the water intake as with the temperatures you are working in you really do need loads, well done on getting back on track. 🏆💪

Exercise when you can don't beat yourself up, small steps 💪🚶

I agree George56 is an inspiration to us all and a total gentleman, just love reading about his success 🏆😆

Have a wonderful week xx


Hi Steve,like your style re fluids.I hope you find the weekly exercise program,which fits your lifestyle soon.😊☕


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