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The story about my weight loss


I want to start to tell the story about my weight loss. I also have a blog and I decided to tell my story here because this is the place where everything started with the 12 week plan.

I have always wanted to do this: be motivation and inspiration for other people. I had no one to motivate and support me at the start, I found energy and inspiration in myself beacuse I was very unhappy with my life. I decided to change and first thing to do was about my figure.

Moving to England (Oct 2015) was a big step in my life and I was badly influnced by their unhealthy lifestyle. I used to eat and drink everythink. After Christmas (Jan 2016) I got my heaviest weight ever (75 kg, around 12 stones, 165 pounds). Bad influence also come from people and I left many people behind during this journy. I call them toxic people now and get rid of them was the preliminary step for success.

I officially started on the March the 15th 2016.


HEIGHT 157 cm

BMI 30

BMI = 30 means OBESE. I was shocked beacuse when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t look like an obese at all. My goal was to get to BMI below 25 which, for a person with my height, means get below 61.9 kg. 13 kilos to lose.

This my first chapter. How I started, who I was when I started and why I did this massive afford to change my life. I have enclosed a few pictures of myself. I didn’t delede them and I never will. I always look at them when I need motivation to overcome big challenges. I also need them to remind me what is going to happen if I go back to negative choices (food, friends, alcohol and so on). They have to stay in my laptop to remind me that I HAVE NEVER HAVE to go back at the point where I started.

See you soon


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George56Super Trier

Good luck with your journey lass.

Obese is not a nice word, I know.

Good support here for you and lots of good healthy lifestyle information.

Administrators​ are all 1st. Class.☺️

George 56 🙂

teresina08 in reply to George56

I have done it. I am telling my story on year after to be inpiration for people!

George56Super Trier in reply to teresina08

Well done 🙂☺️🌹💐

Hi teresina08 Well done on your story and blog. I hope you are happy with your progress and will continue to encourage and motivate others to achieve like you have. Cheering you on 🎉🎉🎉

Hi Teresina. Good to see you. We have a monthly maintainers catchup on here now - the next post should be this coming weekend. Please feel free to join as there are a few of us also determined not to ever go back to where we started from. I look forward to your next chapter :)

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi teresina08,

You have had a very inspiring journey, and Congratulations on your success and determination to succeed.

Like Ruth_canal_runner says, the Monthly Maintainer's Club catch-up is coming up (will be posted on Sunday) and it would be great if you wanted to join in with that.

Wishing you continued success and a great week ahead.

Zest :-)

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