80% diet and 20% exercise

I have read and been told by others, that weight loss comes with 80% of your diet being good and only 20% towards exercise. So thats what Im going to do, focus on what I eat first...and short bursts of brisk walking when I have time, lots of water etc etc etc....but definitely like our ancestors, much less of carbs...and more of protein, fruits and nuts....i think we can do this, keep positive everyone


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3 Replies

  • Good for you, missussim, I hope it works well for you :)

  • I think you are exactly right. I have lost nearly 6 stone doing what you are doing. Go for it! 🤞

  • Yes, get the eating right for weightloss and the exercise for health. It worked for me and if for any reason you then can't exercise one week, the weight doesn't pile on again! If you are calorie counting, I recommend you DON'T eat back any exercise calories, just see it as a bonus.

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