Losing a stone before going back to uni

Hi, I joined yesterday and since I have been at uni I have put on at least a stone in weight. I am 56 so being able to study for a degree is a great adventure but with all of the young people I am in classes with I would like to stay youthful for a bit longer :-) and putting on weight is making me disappointed with myself in this respect. I enjoy walking the dogs, am interested in the environment and nature as well as history. My motivation is to lose at least stone before returning to uni in September. I hope with your support this is possible.

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  • Good morning TinaBW .You will do that no problem provided you are motivated and stick with it. I joined here 5 weeks ago and already have lost 7 pounds. I hope to have lost 2 more stone which will get me to where I want to be by September. I find the most important thing for me is planning in advance. I dont particularly like cooking in my small kitchen so I do batch cooking for most of my main meals. I have also found by eating 3 nicely spaced out meals with protein and some carbs in each keeps hunger at bay. I am following the 12 week plan from here If you are determined and stick with it you will see and feel a difference after just a couple of weeks. My belt has needed another hole added and my waistline is returning.You can do it so onwards and downwards

  • That is great news. Well done. Thank you for your ideas and motivation. I will follow the 12 week plan as it gives you incentive to keep track of what you are doing. Keep up the good work :-)

  • Hi and welcome, Tina :)

    We've already met in the newbie thread, so I hope you've been doing a lot of reading and that we'll see you joining in all of our activities :)

  • Hi Tina

    Welcome to the forum where you'll find lots of tips and good ideas. Many people are doing really well on the 12 week plan, so that might be a good choice for you, but I joined having already started my own calorie controlled diet. This isn't a strict, measuring everything diet, but more about mindful eating, portion size and cutting out sugar foods. I've lost 1.5 stone in eleven weeks and need to lose at least one more stone. I'm feeling great with this too 😀

    Hahaha, I know all about doing a degree in your 50s, I graduated on my 50th birthday, BSc Hons 😀 What are you doing? It is a great adventure as you say, I loved it 😀

    Good luck with your diet, I find a lot of motivation on this site so I hope you do too. 🙂

  • Hi Chuckyegg, thank you for your reply. 1.5 stone in eleven weeks is amazing, well done. That is great inspiration. I seem to have come to a road block with my weight so decided to put some extra effort in as I really do not want to gain any more. None of my clothes fit. My degree is classical and archaeological studies and am enjoying the opportunities to study other subjects alongside it. Today's task of making my favourite soup was nearly ruined, I was making a birthday card and the veg boiled dry but apart from losing some of the nutrients I have salvaged most of it just in time and it is delicious.

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