Lifespan Weight loss Calculator

Thought that some members may find this weight loss calculator useful to play around with.

It enables you to work out what would work for YOU in terms of losing weight (how hard you want to work at it, whether you would prefer to do it through diet, exercise or a combination of both).

It's also got a useful slider if you have a particular target "date" in mind (holiday, celebration) and using the calculator enables you to work out whether your target weight is likely to be achievable within that time frame.


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6 Replies

  • That's so cool. I really like things like that! It tells me I can lose 5 stone by November which I would agree with. I like the way you can say you want to do more exercise or try harder with food. Thanks!

  • Thank you for this. I am sick of being stuck at the same weight, up & down 1lb a week for three weeks and in danger of hiding, sulking but NOT giving up. This may just be the boost I need and I am grateful Pineapple27 xx

  • I'm with you on that Josie101170 😀 and a big thank you to Pineapple27 .


  • I think even if you can manage ONE week where you can get the weight to move downwards, then that will be a big boost to you. Find a week that is clearer in terms of social activities and GO FOR IT! :D

  • Thank you Pineapple 🍍

    To actually see it in black and white means it can be done. Gives me a date goal instead of a pipe dream in the air. I too have gone up and down over the last 3-4 weeks so this will help get my butt in gear. Many thanks for sharing and good luck to all who try it x

  • I think the "healthy eating" plate on this page (the linked page) is also far more helpful and encouraging than the "protein, fats, carbohydrates" plate that we are used to seeing.

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