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Being realistic!

I tend to be one of those people who set themselves unrealistically high goals/expectations of myself, and am cross and and confused when I don't reach them.

Like exercise, for example. When I started, I planned do do an hour a day, yoga, hula hooping, cycling, skipping.

Of course, I can't fit an hour of exercise into my day, and knowing I couldn't do an hour, I didn't do ANYTHING.

The last two weeks, I have decided to be much easier on myself. I cycle to work 2-3 times a week (It's about 6 miles away) and I walk the dog for 30-45 mins as many times a week as I can.

I squeeze in ten to 15 minutes of yoga and stretches here and there, and, for once, I actually feel like I am doing something.

My mother took her hulahoop back, so that's out for a while, but I have my skipping rope...

Now just to really get my calories down!!

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Well done on finding a solution to a problem victoria-anne 😊 I am similar in that I get bored very easily, so prefer to exercise 3 times a day for 20-30 minutes, but it all counts!!

I hope you can find a similar solution to calorie controll. Finding what works for us as individuals is a massive help. Our brains really are our best ally 😊


I manage to do an hours exercise each day using mini bike while watching television 1/2hr arms, 1/2hr legs......"Do you think this is enough"???


Anything is better than nothing ladikool23 😊 The important thing is to do something that's fits in with you and your lifestyle, and every little bit helps. "No matter how slow you go you will lap the person sat on the couch" 😊


I think it is definitely enough!


Thanks for reassuring me victoria-anne


Hi any exercise is good exercise, I used to get up, get in the car drive to work, sit all day at a till, drive home, eat dinner sit in front of the tv

Now with the motivation from this forum, I cycle to work, changed work department and walk all day, cycle home, go swimming on the way home from work 3 times a week, got back into gardening thanks to the green gym challenge, I've built this up over the last 4 months but by just changing 1 small thing at a time you will soon be active every day

Keep a record of what you are doing each day, you will be surprised how much you are actually doing at the end of each week

Good luck xx

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Although you may have initially set yourself high expectations, simply continue to cycle regularly, in addition to maintaining a daily calorie deficit from maximum recommendation (or TDEE).

On days that you don't cycle, begin to use the skipping rope for 10-15 minutes (60s skip/30s rest), to increase cardiovascular fitness and overall calorie expenditure for the week. With improved technique, you'll probably find that skipping can be performed for longer and at a higher intensity before rest is required.

If skipping is good enough for boxers......

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