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Hi everyone,

Just to let you know I have been dieting since Jun 2016. So far I have lost 3 stone. I have another 1.5 stone to lose to get to a healthy BMI. I feel so much better and have dropped 3 dress sizes from a 18 to a 12. I have a feeling I will end up a size 10, because that is where I was before I put on weight.

So how have I done it? Writing down the calories I eat, cutting out alcohol and since Jan 2017 going to a slimming club that tracks your weight. I usually lose 1lb a week, a slow and steady progress that doesn't make me feel hungry or deprived. I appreciate giving up alcohol isn't for everyone, but keeping an eagle eye on what you eat does.

Good luck, don't give up :-)

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  • I admire your success you've done so well I've only just started I'm starting by drinking more water then when its a habit I'm going to try watching what I eat what sort of things do you eat for breakfast lunch and dinner and is there any major no goes to eat like chocolate and crisps I know it should be obvious but those are the hardest especially with Easter just been and gone x

  • I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables plus lean meat, chicken, turkey and pork. I also eat eggs and cheese. I suffer with IBS so cannot cope with beef, lamb or gluten (bread, biscuits, cake etc). I drink coffee and tea with skimmed milk and sometimes rely on crisps and nuts to give me that feeling of a carbohydrate hit.

    All I can say is view weight loss as a manageable change to your lifestyle. Work out what works for you and go for it!


  • Thank you for your advice I'm starting porridge for breakfast and definitely need to introduce more veg its nice to see you eat a well varied diet still so I will try it , reading your story has give me more confidence that I can do it too so thank you and all the best x

  • Hi missyw23

    Just finished the 12 week challenge and lost 3 stone .Now starting again to reach my Target 10st10lb. The main no goes are biscuits, cake and sugary drink. And my treat is MOSER ROTH Chocolate from Aldi, They have 5 small bars in a Pack. But the Biggest Problem People have is Portion Size. You must have Treats ,but not every day.

    Good Luck ,Kind Regards Phil62


  • Ok biscuits are definitely a weak point for me but I definitely could swap them for dark chocolate lol, and portion size I don't have a clue what portions I should eat. I'm gonna get stuck in with it tho and add loads of veg into my diet I definitely don't eat enough of that thanks for your advice

  • Great progress Joseanme 😊 Very well done and thank you for updating us of your journey 😊

  • Well done , brilliant weight loss.. Portion sizes def make a difference eg. Recommended Portion of meat is much smaller than you would think 4-6 ounces but you can fill up on huge amounts of veggies except peas are full of sugar. Always good to do a little research into do's & dont's with foods & portions sizes . As for dark chocolate waitrose do a delicious dark choc with nuts so rich & tasty only need a few squares to feel satisfied .. Yes I agree sweet things should be treats not daily indulgences .. Good luck keep up the good work it's all about being healthier, happy & fitter 👍

  • Wow! three stone in much less than a year is amazing Joseanme well done. Dropping the dress sizes is stunning.

  • Excellent effort - and your post makes me realise it will be worthwhile in the end, just need to get back to the pound a week loss rather than messing about! Thank you and well done.

  • Brilliant! Very impressed by your perseverance.

  • Well done and thanks for your encouragement just to keep going. I am motivated but having family stay for 2 weeks over Easter has been a set back for me weight wise We had meals out plus a lot of extra food( lots the type I woulnt normally buy) in the house.However they have now gone but come back again in mid July for a month Grrrrrrr but I have 2 and a half months to prove to myself I can do it. So far since I started here 6 weeks Ive lost 5 pounds which I should be happy with. 1 pair of trousers have gone in the charity bag and other clothes are feeling looser . Your suggestion of writing everything down is definately the way forward for me and continue moveing as much as possible. Onwards and downwards for us both

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