Home made Pizza

Home made Pizza

I decided to have pizza for tea, yes I know most weight watchers would run a mile, but if your cute and watch what your using you can make a filling meal using whatever you like on your pizza there very simple to make.

For the base I used a wrap, just a plain one all 189 calories of it, next I opened a tin of chopped tomatoes put these in a pan and warm them through. I took 4 rashers of lean smoked bacon and cut into strips, put those in a frying pan, added 3 chopped brown mushrooms and 3 spring onions peeled and chopped, then covered with water and cooked those through.

I put the base (wrap) on a baking tray, strained the tomatoes off and cover my base with them, strained the bacon, spring onion and mushroom mix off and put on top of the tomatoes, then topped it all with 50 grams of grated cheese and baked for 15 minutes on gas mark 5.

Calories:- wrap 189, Mushrooms 6, Bacon 240, chopped tomatoes 17, cheese 205, spring onions 6 - Total 663.

Photo on the plate and yes it did stick a little.


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6 Replies

  • wow looks yum ! will also try tomorrow in lunch :-D

    thanks for sharing with us all : )

  • Looks yummy 😊 I do a similar thing with pitta breads as I like my base a bit thicker but there is also a cauliflower base I've seen people use, 😊 I know it sounds crazy, Google cauliflower pizza and see if you can find it

  • Not heard of a cauliflower base but I have heard of cauliflower rice

  • I think it's similar but uses egg to bond? I'm not the best with technology but I've tried to copy a link I found on Google


    That said, if you have a lot of weight to lose and quite a generous calorie target, I wouldn't reduce carbohydrates too far, you need them for energy 😊

  • I am told I should be on between 3082 and 3963 a day which I personally think is too high, so since Tuesday I've been aiming more for the 2500 to 3000 mark and as I get used to the system and knowing what's what when it comes to calorie counting I will at least I plan to reduce my intake to below 2500.

    At the moment I'm experimenting with types of foods and what I can do with it to achieve what I want to i e a weight loss plan that doesn't leave me hungry between meals.

    I've always played with my food - in the nicest possible way and I do have some good idea's and recipes that I will share over time.

  • Hi Pete57.

    I like the look of your pizza. I also look forward to seeing you share further recipes and ideas over time. Enjoy your weekend.

    Zest :-)

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