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I will march on

Following on from my post last week .I am afraid the Easter bunny did come a knocking and he bought friends so the weekend was a wipe out and i cant seem to get back in the zone ..Woke up feeling determined .I am back at work today .I have had my porridge to keep me going .And hopefully i will get a walk in later tonight .Have a good day everyone .And remember we are only human after all x

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Morning Farmhouse88

Great to hear you woke up all motivated after the Easter bunny as run back down into his warren. Have a good day at work and enjoy your walk.



im sure you not the only one felled by those sneaky easter bunnies & eggs- i include myself in that group. Got an egg given to me, planned to eat it over 3 day (1/2 shell per day then on 3rd day the cadbury creme egg) included it in the daily allowance then ate it all in one sitting!!!


Yes best laid plans and all that ...


well I have been good since this but will find out tomorrow when I weigh myself!

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