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Knee better

Well knee isn't quite better but we'll on the mend my partner who is trying to losell weight with me. And started at 20 stone ( 19st2 now) bought us second hand bikes at the weekend and now as well as walking the dogs we are going to get out on the bike as well. Plenty of fresh air! As we live on the sea front our first ride was along the promenade. The saying it's like riding a bike you never forget just isn't true. I was pretty wobbly for first half hour after all it is over 35 years since I was last on one xx

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I'm glad to hear that your knee's on the mend, Skinnygrandma and here's to it being fully mended very soon :)

Great news about your partners weight loss and the purchase of your bikes! Wow, you're both going to be skinny and fit! Wtg you! :)

I know what you mean about the wobbliness! My cycling skills are nothing like they were 35 years ago!! ;) I'm sure that as time goes on though, you'll find it gets much easier :)

Happy pedalling! :)

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