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Counterweight update

Tues 18.4.17

2nd weigh in end of week 3

Lost another 6.2 lb!!! So chuffed 😊

Total weight loss in 3 weeks 13.7 lb (6.2kg)

Returned to my first swim post mastectomy revision op on 30.3.17 - so good to be back in the water 🏊🏊

Next weighin 2.5.17 end of week 5 😊

Weigh in 2.5.17 weight loss .2kg so now lost total of 14.1 lb. returned to gym X1 wk & swimming x4 wk for past fortnight so hopefully the effects will soon show on scales 😊👍

1 stone gone 😊

Weigh in No4 16.5.17 end of week 7

Lost 2.2kg

Total loss 18.8 lb 😊

Thyroid unstable - 3 1/2yrs under active which in March swung to overactive. GP has requested to do new blood test June to check current level as dosage reduced.

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Fantastic Lavendergirl, another amazing loss! Good for you! :)

Enjoy that swimming and good luck with your next weigh-in :)

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Thank you moreless, appreciate that 😊

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Amazing Lavendergirl, keeping going or rather keep swimming :-)


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