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Share your tips & tricks!!

Hi guys so I'm starting my weight lose journey today, six months after having my beautiful baby boy (3rd c section). I must admit that I have tried starting it two or three times and given up. I'm the heaviest I've ever been (always been slim) and I'm just sick of it. I know I can do it if I put my mind to it, I have done in the past and when I'm 'in the zone' I'm really good.

So tip 1 might sound silly but honestly I did not know this. I never used to weigh myself, or i did but used to take it with a pinch of salt because every time I would weigh myself I would get a different reading and always thought it was ridiculous that I could have lost half a stone in a day lol. So I read somewhere to weigh yourself first thing in morning at exact same time and position your scales in the exact same position as the day before (this will give you a more accurate reading).

Tip 2 which I'm trying out for first time myself is: taking a photo diary of everything that goes past my lips. At best it will encourage me to prepare healthy nutritious food (a picture tells a thousand words) and at worst it will shame me into not eating healthy as this would mess up my healthy eating photo diary.

Why don't you share your tips also lemme know if these tips have worked for you .xx

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Hi Skinnymini,

I'm going to refer you back to the information that Anna61 gave you a month ago, because if you read it all, you'll get dozens of useful hints and tips :)


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