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I must be doing something wrong


I thought I was back on track and doing better but I've stayed the same for ages and now suddenly gained 2lbs. I've cut right down on carbs and sweet things in general. Maybe I've gone the other way and im having too much fat? I didn't think this was the case but it must be something, so my plan is to address this issue this week.

I just feel like every single week there is some excuse, some reason not to stick to things. And even when there isn't, I'm trying to make up for whatever excuse I gave into the previous week. This week it's my friends wedding - I WILL control how much I drink and eat, but can't massively control the type of food I eat as it is preselected.

This wedding was my original goal - and ive not lost anything compared to what I wanted.

It's too late to trim down by the wedding, but I am going to aim to lose weight by my holiday in September. I'm only aiming for 1lb loss a week and still not managing that!

On the upside, gaining 2lb has definitely deterred me from partaking in any chocolate-action this Easter weekend. I hope everyone manages to stick to their healthy eating plans and don't go over the top on the eggs! :)

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Hi, can I ask why the type of food is preselected? By who? You need to find the right 'diet' for you, something sustainable so that eating junk becomes a rare treat rather the norm. You can do this, is there still time before the wedding for you to make more of an impact? If so, great, if not set yourself mini goals e.g 7lb at a time. 🤞

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I'm not sure I think it's a chicken starter and a roast main and a chocolate dessert? I'm not sure what the evening food is, some sort of standard buffet I assume.

Thank you. It's just difficult to find the right frame of mind instead of convincing myself I'm doing things correctly when I'm obviously not :/ I'm going to go back to writing down every single thing I eat so that I can hold myself accountable.

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Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you meant you can't control food type at any meal. My fault!

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:) that's okay. I probably didn't explain it very well thank you though x


Don't let a single weigh-in get you down Hidden. If your weight has been stable for a while, it is likely that you have been eating in an agreeable manner isn't it?

You're right that it is a good idea to get an appreciation of what you are having, but hopefully one or two minor changes will result in your weight-loss. Don't panic and undo all the good you've achieved so far. If you haven't suffered any side-effects from reducing your carbs for instance, that was obviously a step in the right direction for you, and it may be that you just need some smaller fat portions as you suspect.

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That's true. It is a positive that I've managed to stay the same (as much as it is frustrating). I'll try not to get too downhearted and will see how I get on this week and next week :) thank you.


I think you are in a similar place to me Hidden 😕 Almost 3 stone off but pretty much the same as I was in November. BMI 27.8 and still couple of stone over where I should be. But we have no option but continue on the journey 😊 Thankfully I eat food I enjoy and don't deprive myself. And am not prepared to eat any less, I'd rather maintain at this weight.

Sorry I don't have any wise word, just understanding 😊


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Your understanding is very much appreciated. It's always good to know it isn't just me :) thank you x

You've got the right attitude Kiinbun so don't get downhearted . Here's a few ideas that help me , How about keeping a food diary then you should be able to see where you are going wrong . Sitting down to a 3 course meal at the wedding only eat half of the starter/dessert. Having a drink at the wedding vodka, lime & soda is low calorie , quite refreshing as well, 😜 A couple of days this week as your main meal of the day have meat or fish with lots of veggies.. Carb free day .. Replace with scrambled eggs , smoked salmon , avocado for breakfast or lunch .. Smoothies are great fillers, coconut milk, water, blueberries, raspberries & banana .. Delicious still get sweet kick but natural sugars rather than processed . Another good point is stay away from pre packed/processed foods ... Always worth a try especially if you get results .. Good luck 👍

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Thank you! :) very helpful suggestions. I will take them on board.

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