Need a boost

Following all the tips with interest ..Lost my way a bit last week ..Worked a lot of extra hours .came home tired and just grabbed whatever was easy which is not such a good thing to do in my case .It was usually sandwiches and crisps type of dinner ..But monday morning arrived and i am getting back in the zone .Just have to make sure i dont answer the door if the Easter bunny comes a knocking


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4 Replies

  • Morning Farmhouse88

    Well done for getting back on track again, you can do this!

    Have a good week and stay away from the Easter bunny!! lol


  • Maybe the Easter bunny will bring you some lovely spring flowers instead?! I'm planning to hold front of mind my vision and goals, and choose the chocolate or the shudder I got when I saw a photo of myself from behind the other day! It would be more amazing to feel positive about being healthy and achieving my goals than anything the Easter bunny can bring! Having said that, I'm trying to take things one day at a time, and if we slip, then we just get up again. A lifestyle change will take a while to embed but there are so many inspiring stories on here :-)

  • Farmhouse88 well done for getting back on track 😁and on another positive note I believe it's still the law to put red-eyed rabbit's out of their misery.. so good news for you, maybe not so much for the Easter bunny (especially if it's been out on the tiles the night before😵)

  • I know this feeling well! I didn't bring lunch to work yesterday and planned on nipping to Tesco at lunch for some soup. In the end, I didn't get out and in desperation went to the chemist downstairs and bought Doritos and a biscuit. Didn't feel very full afterwards! Today, I am much better organised and have my homemade chilli with macaroni pasta. Counting down the hours till lunch though...

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